The Keystone XL oil pipeline project, which has been fighting for many years by environmentalists, has been finally terminated by its operators.

After examining the remaining options and consulting with the government of the Canadian province of Alberta, the project was terminated, the TC Energy Corporation announced on Wednesday (local time) in Calgary.

This ends a long and tough conflict between the oil industry and environmentalists.

This had also dealt intensively with the courts and politics in the USA and Canada.

The decision of the company and the Canadian province comes as no surprise.

US President Joe Biden had withdrawn the permission granted by his predecessor Donald Trump for the construction after he took office.

Biden followed the line of ex-President Barack Obama, who had already banned the project before Trump came into office because of environmental concerns.

Keystone XL was to complement an existing pipeline system to bring more oil to the US.

Environmentalists feared the emission of climate-damaging greenhouse gases and leaks.