KNVB football association is annoyed by an Orange commercial from Jumbo.

The union and the supermarket chain confirm the disagreement, after reporting about this from

De Telegraaf


In the opinion of the football association, the commercial responds too much to the Orange fever in the run-up to the upcoming European Football Championship, including with a cheering cape and the Snollebollekes song

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, which was the anthem of the women's team during the European Championship in 2017. became.

All this while Jumbo is not an official KNVB partner.

Jumbo competitor Albert Heijn is.

Albert Heijn CEO Marit van Egmond says when asked that the orange cheer cape is something "between the KNVB and Jumbo".

"The Orange fever is rising, we are proud of our promotion that is going very well and are looking forward to the first game on Sunday."

Many companies use major football tournaments to organize all kinds of Orange campaigns.

Supermarkets are also participating.

Jumbo therefore recently came up with a commercial, in which, in addition to the cheer cape and the Snollebollekes hit, an Oranjecamping and an Oranjeparade pass by.

The KNVB thought it was all a bit too much of a good thing and sent a letter to Jumbo.

The supermarket chain indeed reports that it has received a letter from the union, but does not want to say anything about its content.

According to

De Telegraaf

, Jumbo has been asked to stop or adjust the commercial.

The chain refuses to do so, arguing, among other things, that the commercial relates not only to the football tournament, which starts on Friday, but also to other major sporting events of this summer, such as the Olympic Games, the Tour de France and the Formula 1 race. in Zandvoort.

A spokesperson for the KNVB emphasizes that it stands up for the commercial interests of the partners and that the association has therefore sent a letter to Jumbo.

"But that's about it," said the spokesman.

Orange pants Bavaria still out of shot

As far as is known, Bavaria has not yet received a letter for its campaign with orange shorts.

During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the beer brand made the world press with its promotion with the famous dresses.

World football association FIFA removed dozens of women from the stadium after they changed clothes during the Netherlands-Denmark match.

Two of them were even arrested for illegal commercial activities in a football stadium.

The charges against them were eventually dropped.

During the European Championship, not the KNVB, but the European football association UEFA is responsible for all commercial expressions in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, which houses four matches.

UEFA must determine whether to allow brand expressions that compete with its own partners and sponsors.