Consumers are suffering from lies and exaggerated advertising in "affiliate advertising," in which the advertiser is paid according to the number of products purchased by the person who saw the advertisement posted on the website. The agency has decided to set up a study group of experts to create a mechanism to prevent consumer damage.

Affiliate advertising is a mechanism in which rewards are paid according to the number of people who see the advertisement posted on the website such as a blog, and the operator of the site that publishes the advertisement is called an "affiliate". I am.

Affiliates produce and post advertisements on behalf of sellers of products that are advertisers through specialized intermediaries, etc., but due to the large number of affiliates, etc., management by advertisers etc. is not perfect. There are also problems such as the display of false and misleading advertisements.

For this reason, the Consumer Affairs Agency has set up a study group consisting of legal experts as well as persons in charge of companies and consumer groups, and the first meeting was held online on the 10th.

At the beginning of the study group, Minister of State for Consumer Affairs Inoue said, "Affiliate advertising has become a big market and is expected to grow in the future. It is important that it is easy for consumers to understand and that it is appropriate advertising."

The study group will discuss how advertisers should manage the content of advertisements and how to create a mechanism to prevent damage, such as efforts to eliminate malicious affiliates, and will compile it by the end of the year.