Otsuka Kagu's financial results for the year ending April were rebuilt under the umbrella of Yamada Holdings, which operates a consumer electronics mass retailer, but labor costs and store rents were a burden, resulting in a final profit of 2.3 billion yen. It became a deficit.

The final deficit is for the fifth consecutive term.

According to the announcement, Otsuka Kagu's financial results for the year ending April were 27.7 billion yen.

The settlement period has changed from the previous year, but it has increased by 9.8% compared to the same period of the previous year, and in December, it became a subsidiary of Yamada Holdings and started selling furniture at Yamada Denki stores. That increased sales.

On the other hand, the final loss was 2.3 billion yen due to fixed costs such as personnel expenses and store rent.

The final deficit is the fifth consecutive term, including before the change in the settlement period.

In December of last year, the founder's daughter, Kumiko Otsuka, retired from Otsuka Kagu, and the president of Yamada Holdings took over.

Furthermore, at the board of directors meeting held on the 9th, it was decided to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamada Holdings, so the company is expected to be delisted in August, and from now on it will be fully managed under the umbrella of Yamada Holdings. We will proceed with the rebuilding.