Medical beauty is not popular anymore?

Executives scramble to reduce their holdings

Some insiders believe that the overall valuation of the industry is too high, and the medical beauty concept stocks have been downgraded

  In the capital market, a wave of reductions in medical aesthetics is coming.

After Langzi shares disclosed that the actual controller's father planned to liquidate and reduce the company's shares, Harbin Sanlian disclosed on the evening of the 6th that some directors and executives planned to reduce the company's shares.

It is reported that recently A-share medical beauty concept stocks represented by Huaxi Bio, Langzi, Haohaishengke, Harbin Sanlian, etc. collectively announced their shareholding reductions within the same period of time, and some even have liquidation-type shareholding reductions.

On the news, the reporter noticed that the management of medical and aesthetic medicines has been tightened in many parts of the country recently, and some insiders believe that the overall valuation of the industry is too high.

Perhaps affected by this, all media reporters of the Guangzhou Daily noticed: On the 7th, medical beauty concept stocks including Huashen Technology, Aoyuan Meigu, Dezhan Health, Dongbao Bio, Jinling Pharmaceutical, Huadong Medicine, etc. appeared The stock price fell.

  Text, picture/Guangzhou Daily News All-media reporter Tu Duanyu

Recently, senior executives in the medical beauty sector have reduced their holdings

  It is understood that in the past year, medical and beauty stocks have been going strong. Aoyuan Beauty Valley has risen by more than 7 times, Langzi shares by more than 8 times, and the gold rabbi has increased by more than 4 times.

With the stock price rising, the sector has recently ushered in a collective reduction of holdings by executives.

On the 5th, Huaxi Biotechnology issued a shareholding reduction announcement. The 4.99% shareholder Yingrui Wuyuan intends to reduce its holdings by no more than 4.8 million shares, accounting for no more than 1% of the company's total share capital. The shareholder's current 2.399.99 million shares are all obtained before the IPO. ; On the 7th, Harbin Sanlian announced that Zhao Qingfu, who also serves as a director, deputy general manager, and secretary of the board, intends to reduce his holdings by no more than 312,500 shares and currently holds 1.25 million shares.

  On the 5th, Langzi shares announced that Shen Bingyun, the person acting in concert with the actual controller, intends to reduce his holdings by no more than 19,876,900 shares. Currently, Shen Bingyun holds 19,976,900 shares in the company.

In response to the intention to reduce its holdings, Longzi also explained that: Shen Bingyun is already at a high age. This reduction is due to the needs of his own living arrangements and asset planning. Shen Bingyun is confident in the development of the company's medical aesthetics business.

  In addition to Huaxi Bio, Langzi, Aoyuan Meigu, and Harbin Sanlian announced the reduction of their holdings, there are also Haohaishengke, Jinfa Rabbi, Yuexin Health, Medtech, and Strait Innovation. Announced the reduction or the reduction has been completed.

  On the 2nd, Haohaishengke announced that Lou Guoliang, a 5.25% shareholder, intends to reduce his holdings by no more than 2.165 million shares, accounting for no more than 1.23% of the company's total share capital, and the reduction price is not lower than the initial issue price; on the 5th, McGrady Technology announced that Wang Jianhua, a 3.2% shareholder, has completed the reduction; on the 4th, Straits Innovation announced that Wu Yan, a shareholder who holds more than 5% of the shares, and Yuyou Group, who is acting in concert, intends to reduce their holdings by 13.33 million shares. Shareholders have reduced their holdings of 12.91 million shares.

  "The main reason for the adjustment of the medical and aesthetics sector is that the stock price has risen too high and the valuation is too high. The reduction of shareholders' holdings may just be the fuse that triggered the sector adjustment." Some insiders believe.

Tighten up the management of medical aesthetics and drugs in many places

  It is reported that the relevant department in Jingmen, Hubei recently stated that the local area will further strengthen the supervision and management of the retail use of medical and cosmetic drugs to ensure the safety of public use of drugs.

Strengthen the supervision and management of the drug use behavior that can be used for medical beauty, and standardize the purchase management and use behavior; Hubei Xiaogan also said that it will focus on strengthening the management of commonly used drugs in medical beauty diagnosis and treatment activities such as improving facial wrinkles and local anesthetics; Gannan Prefecture, Gansu The Market Supervision Bureau previously issued the "Notice on Carrying out Special Inspections on Medical Aesthetic Drugs", stating that it will clarify the objectives, refine the measures, standardize the business and use of drugs that can be used for medical beauty, and eliminate illegal business and use behaviors.

The valuation of the medical beauty sector is high and there is a bubble

  "In fact, the valuation of the medical aesthetics sector is inherently high." Some industry observers think so.

It is reported that taking Amic as an example, its price-earnings ratio exceeds 200 times, and Huaxi Biology also exceeds 180 times. The total market value of the entire medical aesthetics industry has reached more than 1.18 trillion yuan. According to the forecast of China Securities, it will be In 2024, the scale of my country's medical aesthetics market will exceed 300 billion yuan.

  Some market analysts believe that my country’s medical aesthetics industry is in a period of rapid expansion, and major institutions have frequently investigated and strengthened the trend of speculation in the stock market. For companies that have just entered this new field, there are still great variables. There is a bubble in the US sector.

"In fact, many medical beauty concept stocks started halfway through or merged into this fast lane through acquisitions. It is not ruled out that stocks with speculation concepts and labeled stocks are among them." The industry observers said.

  It is reported that Langzi shares mainly sells women's clothing before. In 2016, it announced its entry into the field of medical beauty. It has three domestic medical beauty brands through external mergers and acquisitions and its own establishment; Aoyuan Meigu’s main business is real estate, and the company said it is involved in medical beauty. The US industry, but the company has no direct income from the medical beauty business in 2020; the "Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Repair Patch" produced by Harbin Sanlian is said to have an auxiliary effect on early postoperative pigmentation, and this product accounts for the company’s revenue. Around 13%.