Guangzhou Provident Fund Loan New Deal was introduced

Increasing clear non-loan circumstances

  Yesterday, Guangzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center (referred to as "Guangzhou Provident Fund Center") issued the newly revised "Guangzhou Housing Provident Fund Individual Home Purchase Loan Implementation Measures" (referred to as "Implementation Measures"). Provisions on deposits for employee loans, as well as the addition of clarification of no loans, and the maximum period of second-hand housing loans are also adjusted with reference to regulations such as commercial banks.

  By He Yingsi, All Media Reporter, Guangzhou Daily

There are 4 main changes

  Guangzhou Provident Fund Center pointed out that the new "Implementation Measures" has four major changes compared with Guangzhou's current policies.

The first is to support the introduction of talents. Under the premise of meeting Guangzhou's talent purchase policy, increase the number of employees who hold the talent green card vice certificate or district talent green card to apply for housing provident fund loans, and enjoy the benefits of the city's household registration deposit employees.

  The second is to increase the provision of prioritizing housing provident fund loans for demobilized soldiers.

  The third is to increase the situation of not granting loans to prevent loan risks.

Including: the purpose of the house is a villa, the house is an independent house, and only part of the property rights of the house is purchased (except for shared property houses).

  Fourth, the maximum period of second-hand housing loans shall be adjusted from 20 years to 30 years in accordance with the regulations of other provident fund centers and commercial banks, and the building age plus loan period shall be adjusted from no more than 40 years to 50 years.

  The "Implementation Measures" integrate the main housing provident fund loan policies scattered in other documents.

The main content of the integration includes: the time for payment in different places and the time for veterans to pay in the army can be combined with the time for payment in this city; no loans are granted, including: the family purchases the third set of houses and above, and the applicant has not settled The credit records of the applicant’s housing provident fund loans and applicants do not meet the requirements; the provisions on the loan amount and the income identification standards; the identification standards for the number of housing units; the relevant provisions on the loan period and the method for determining the age of the building.

  The loan will not be granted under the following circumstances:

  (1) The building structure of the purchased house is a brick-wood structure or a mixed structure;

  (2) The purpose of the purchased house is a villa or a non-residential house;

  (3) The house purchased is an independent house;

  (4) Purchase only part of the housing property rights (except for housing with common property rights);

  (5) The family purchases a third or above house;

  (6) The applicant has unsettled housing provident fund loan records;

  (7) The applicant has used the housing provident fund loan twice;

  (8) The applicant has one of the following circumstances: 1. A single loan has been overdue for more than 6 periods (inclusive) in the past 5 years;

  2. A single credit card has been overdue for more than 6 periods (inclusive) in the past 2 years;

  3. The status of the credit card is bad debt, blocked or stopped payment;

  4. Loans are classified as substandard, suspicious or loss;

  5. Be included in the list of untrustworthy persons subject to enforcement.

Answers to some questions:

  Question: What materials do I need to provide when I deposit housing provident fund in other domestic provident fund centers, buy a house in Guangzhou and apply for a housing provident fund loan?

  Answer: According to the relevant regulations, in addition to the general loan information, a "Certificate of Use of the Payment and Deposit of the Housing Provident Fund for Loaned Workers in Other Places" issued by the City Provident Fund Center for Payment and Deposit is also required.

If the deposited employee is deposited in another city in Guangdong Province, the Guangzhou Provident Fund Center can obtain the above-mentioned certificate through information sharing, and the deposited employee does not need to submit it.

  Question: How to determine the "third house and above" in the "family buying the third house and above"?

  Answer: In accordance with the principle of "subscribing for a house and subscribing for a loan", the house registration records of the family members of the buyer in the real estate registration departments across the country, the provident fund centers, and the bank loan records shall prevail.

  Question: Is the scope of identification of "applicants with unsettled housing provident fund loan records" in the city or the whole country?

  Answer: The whole country.