Chinanews client, Beijing, June 5 (Reporter Wu Tao) "The mobile phone access information does not match the information filed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology" "It claims that only one of the three cameras can be used." According to netizens, such mobile phones are used by the famous Kuaishou anchor "Luzao" Pingrong’s live broadcast room was sold to consumers.

what's the problem?

Who is responsible for fake mobile phones?

ZTE and Coolpad have cleared their relationship: not their own mobile phones

  The sale of fake mobile phones by "Like Sao Pingrong" caused public outrage.

Subsequently, Kuaishou e-commerce company announced that a batch of "counterfeit" mobile phones were removed from the shelves, including ZTE and Coolpad.

The mobile phone brands that have been removed also include Duowei, Rouyu, Tianyu, and Shuobao.

Coolpad issued a statement.

Image source: Screenshot of Coolpad Weibo

  On June 2, Coolpad Group issued a statement on the live broadcast event of Kuaishou anchor "Like Sao Ping Rong": The live broadcast event caused serious damage to Coolpad’s reputation. The company immediately verified and sold models in the live broadcast room. None of them are officially sold by Coolpad, and Coolpad has never authorized them.

Coolpad will sue according to law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company.

  Shanghai ZTE Yilian also stated that "Guobao" is the product brand of Shanghai Yilian, but Shanghai Yilian has never produced and sold "Guobao F6 Pro" products, and has not authorized any company to produce the "Guobao". Brand model products.

"Guobao F6 Pro" is a counterfeit and shoddy product.

The product involved has nothing to do with ZTE's mobile phone.

  According to netizens, "Liu Sao Pingrong" has broadcast live mobile phones for many times, and the mobile phones sold by it appear "the network access information does not match the information recorded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology", "the nominal mobile phone has three cameras but only one camera is available", and the claimed 256GB memory is actually only About 64GB" one or more of them.

  Information on the Kuaishou platform shows that the certified account "Liu Sao Ping Rong 7 o'clock Live Broadcast" has more than 24 million fans.

At present, the account is suspected of being banned, and its latest work time is shown in October 2020, and no video related to the sale of fake mobile phones has been seen.

"Fake 1 lose 9" triggers a chain reaction

  On May 28th, Kuaishou e-commerce certified account @快手小店 issued an announcement that Kuaishou e-commerce released the final processing results for the "Duowei 12 Pro" mobile phone incident sold in the live broadcast room of Kuaishou anchor "Like Pingrong".

For Duowei, Kuaishou e-commerce will permanently cancel all Duowei products, and the companies involved will never cooperate.

Kuaishou "fake 1 loses 9" for the "Duowei 12Pro" mobile phone incident.


  In the face of consumers, Kuaishou e-commerce said that on the basis of previous refunds and non-returns, all consumers who bought "Duowei 12Pro" phones in the live broadcast room will be compensated 9 times.

However, the anchor "Liu Sao Ping Rong" has not yet apologized.

  In addition, on June 3, the Kuaishou e-commerce company announced that according to the product certification report provided by the brand, and after the Kuaishou e-commerce verification, the authorized Coolpad phones sold on the Kuaishou platform are all genuine products, and all unauthorized products have been removed from the shelves on the same day. Begin to resume the investment promotion of the Coolpad brand.

  However, the "fake 1 pay 9" scheme implemented by the Kuaishou platform triggered a chain reaction.

  "Not only did Duowei mobile phones sold in the live broadcast of "Like Sao Ping Rong", the network access information of the "Sony Ericsson S20A" mobile phone purchased through the "Like Sao Ping Rong" live broadcast room did not match the information filed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology," some consumers reported.

In this regard, Kuaishou has not yet responded.

However, there are media reports that Jiangxi Fuzhou Consumers Association has stepped in.

  The statement issued by ZTE Mobile on June 2 also mentioned that, according to consumers’ reports, fake mobile phones are only refunded without compensation: some consumers posted complaints in Kuaishou’s video showing that they bought Shanghai ZTE in the live broadcast of "Like Sister Ping Rong". "Guobao F6 Pro" mobile phone has the wrong board, only the refund will not be compensated.

Who should bear the responsibility?

  Some netizens believe that they are all sold by "Like Sao Pingrong", and some can not be "fake 1 pay 9", and some refunds.

According to relevant laws and regulations, at least one vacation should pay three.

Quick screenshot.

  The "Consumer Rights Protection Law" stipulates that if a business operator commits a fraudulent act in providing goods or services, he shall increase the compensation for the losses suffered by the consumer in accordance with the requirements of the consumer. Three times; if the amount of compensation is less than 500 yuan, it is 500 yuan.

If the law provides otherwise, follow those provisions.

  In fact, there have been similar cases before.

In December 2020, the well-known anchor Luo Yonghao showed fake woolen sweaters on the live broadcast. In the end, he "fake 1 loses 3" to consumers.

  The "Administrative Measures for Online Live Marketing (Trial)", which came into effect on May 25th, stipulates that live broadcast room operators and live broadcast marketers shall not engage in online live broadcast marketing activities and shall not market counterfeit or shoddy products, infringe intellectual property rights, or fail to meet the requirements of protecting personal and property safety. Products of.

  The above regulations also require that live marketing platforms should strengthen the management of online live marketing information, conduct information release audits and real-time inspections, and should immediately take measures to deal with illegal and harmful information, save relevant records, and report to relevant competent authorities.

  The live broadcaster sells fake mobile phones, how do you think it should compensate consumers?