Fly to New York faster than sound.

If it is up to the airline United Airlines, that will be possible again.

The company has signed a deal with Boom Supersonic for the delivery of fifteen aircraft that can fly at about 2,000 kilometers per hour.

Enthusiasts have to be patient.

The first passenger flight is scheduled for 2029.

Supersonic flying was also possible in the past, with the Concorde.

However, that plane was withdrawn from the market about twenty years ago, including after a crash near Paris in 2000.

United are now looking at it again.

The airline has bought fifteen aircraft from Boom and has taken an option on another 35 aircraft.

The aircraft are still under development, but the manufacturer hopes that it can take to the air with a first prototype this year.

The first test flights with the final model are planned for 2025 or 2026.

The first commercial flight, with passengers, should take place in 2029.

It can accommodate between 65 and 88 passengers and in the beginning a ticket costs about as much as a business class ticket on a regular flight.

The aircraft should soon be able to fly at 1.7 times the speed of sound.

That equates to roughly 2,000 kilometers per hour.

This should cut the travel time in half.

For example, you can fly from London to Newark (near New York) in 3.5 hours by plane.

A flight between Tokyo and San Francisco would only be six hours.

Aircraft is completely sustainable

Not only is the Boom device lightning fast, it also has to be durable.

In fact, the plan is to make the aircraft fly completely emission-free by using 100 percent sustainable fuel.

United Airlines is helping to produce this clean fuel.

The deal comes two weeks after another producer of ultra-fast aircraft, Aerion, decided to close. The company was short of money, although it had the support of aircraft manufacturer Boeing, among others. Aerion mainly focused on the business market, but has recently put an end to these efforts.