, Beijing, May 30 (Reporter Xia Bin) Li Xiaohong, executive vice chairman of the International Finance Forum (IFF), said when attending the International Finance Forum's 2021 spring meeting in Beijing on the 30th, according to the investigation of the "International Finance Forum 2021 China Report" The results show that although the city lockdown and social distancing measures temporarily affected the progress of some major projects, China has not reduced its support for the “Belt and Road” project due to the epidemic, and the “Belt and Road” project has not been affected by geopolitical tensions. Intensified and affected.

  At the same time, the above survey shows that central banks of various countries believe that the “Belt and Road” initiative will play a vital role in promoting global economic recovery, green growth and sustainable development after the epidemic.

  According to Li Xiaohong, the "International Financial Forum 2021 China Report" focuses on five themes, sustainable development and global economic growth in the post-epidemic era, the "Belt and Road" initiative, green finance, global capital markets, and financial technology.

Introduced the insights of global leaders, policymakers, financial experts, business leaders, politicians and scholars on these important issues.

An important message of the report is that there is a huge space for global cooperation in all these areas, and global cooperation will help the world economy to recover from the epidemic quickly and sustainably.

  He emphasized that the "Belt and Road" initiative is an important part of China's exchanges with other countries in the world. Through the "Belt and Road" initiative, China can use its own development experience to support the sustainable development of other countries.

For example, investment in infrastructure, interconnection, etc., to achieve a win-win situation.