Most notably, getting the vaccine, "quarantine", the number of injuries and ticket prices

7 factors that determine the choice of travel destination during the summer

  • Travelers prefer to travel to countries that do not require a quarantine upon arrival.



Citizens, residents, and travel and tourism companies reviewed a number of factors that determine the choice of travel destinations during the summer period, in light of the Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

They referred to "Emirates Today" to factors related to the number of infections with the "Covid-19" virus at the travel destination, easing travel restrictions, and the traveler's obtaining the vaccine, with the destination recognizing that vaccine, and the abolition of quarantine upon arrival at the destination, and upon return to the country of residence ( Green countries for residents of Abu Dhabi, who are exempted from the quarantine period upon arrival in the city), as well as the percentage of residents of the destination to travel to receive anti-virus vaccines.

They pointed out that the ticket price component is also a factor in determining the destination of travel, given that many travelers have been affected by the repercussions of the pandemic, such as reducing salaries, and the benefits they were receiving before.

limiting factors

In detail, citizen Saeed Eid Abdullah said that he is currently choosing between a number of European destinations to travel and his family during the summer vacation.

He confirmed to "Emirates Today" that the absence of a quarantine, and the decline in infections with the "Covid-19" virus, are two main factors in choosing the destination to which he intends to travel.

In turn, resident Jawad Hashem said that he "intends to travel to his home country, but he is waiting to verify the low incidence of HIV infections, and the significant progress in obtaining the vaccine in his country, as well as not imposing a quarantine upon arrival."

As for Wajdi Mahmoud, he confirmed that his summer vacation destination is determined on the basis of adherence to the precautionary measures, and the requirement of vaccination or not, especially since a number of his family members received the first dose of the vaccine only, and are waiting for the “second.”

Resident Rima Hassan pointed out that ticket prices are a key element in determining her summer destination to spend the holiday with her family, in addition to the low number of HIV infections, and the absence of quarantine upon arrival.


In addition, the Director-General of "Al-Masoud Travel and Tourism Agency", Akram Sharaf, said that "there are five main factors that determine travel destinations during the coming summer," pointing to three factors, including those related to the anti-Coronavirus vaccine.

He explained that "the most important of these factors is the easing of travel restrictions and the abolition of quarantine, as destinations where there is no quarantine upon arrival will have priority among travelers."

Sharaf pointed out that the requirement of several countries to obtain the anti-Coronavirus vaccine for travel to them, and the recognition by the authorities of the country (the destination) of the type of vaccine obtained by the traveler, are two main factors in determining the destination of travel, noting that the past period witnessed the failure of some countries to recognize certain vaccines. , although recognized by the World Health Organization, which makes those destinations somewhat closed to some travelers.

He added that "travelers also prefer to travel to a destination that is committed to vaccinating its population with the vaccine, and there are high vaccination rates there."

Sharaf stated that “the ticket price component is also one of the factors that affect the destination of travel, given that many travelers have been affected by the repercussions of the pandemic, such as reducing salaries, and the benefits they were receiving before.”

He pointed out that there are destinations that enjoyed a significant turnout during the last spring break, due to the fact that airlines, especially low-cost airlines, offered some discounted prices.

The number of injuries

For his part, the Director-General of “Bin Saleh Travel Company”, Hussein Atallah, said that “there are two main factors that determine the destination of the traveler during the summer, the first of which is the quarantine upon arrival at the destination, as many travelers prefer not to travel to destinations that require a quarantine when arriving at the destination. Arrival, especially since it takes a relatively long time, which means not taking advantage of the leave.”

He added that «the second factor is the number of injuries in the destination to travel to, as travelers prefer countries where injuries are less for a period of time, so that the decrease continues for a relatively long period».

Atallah pointed out that a large number of citizen and resident families have not traveled for more than 15 months, and there is a desire, specifically among residents, to travel to their countries and meet their families, which heralds an active season during the summer.

He pointed out that what Abu Dhabi announced about its intention to end the quarantine requirements upon returning from travel, encourages many citizens and residents to travel in the coming months.

green countries

In the same context, Omar Al-Ali, CEO of Projects and Development at Nirvana Travel and Tourism, listed the factors that affect the decision to travel and choose the destination for the summer vacation.

He explained that "the issue of the presence or absence of quarantine upon arrival at the destination of travel, or upon return to the UAE is a decisive factor in the decision to travel," in agreement with his counterparts that the population prefers to travel to countries that do not require a quarantine upon arrival, as well as countries Which Abu Dhabi classifies as green countries, which do not require a quarantine upon return if they are residents of the city.

He added that "the rate of injuries at the travel destination is another major factor, as travelers do not prefer countries that suffer from a large number of injuries," stressing that destinations that strictly adhere to precautionary measures to combat the pandemic, give travelers reassurance about their health and their families.

He said, "Ticket prices are still an important factor in choosing a destination, as travelers prefer destinations that have multiple price options and discounted prices."

Tourism and vaccination

Tourism expert Saeed Ali Al Hammadi said, "The options are generally starting to dwindle in front of the non-restaurant, especially those who want to travel to European destinations during the summer."

He explained that "many European countries have begun to open their doors to receive tourism again, but with the requirement of vaccination, and the presence of evidence that the vaccine has been received."

He added that "travelers also prefer to travel to a destination where the population's rate of vaccination is high, which gives them a greater sense of safety and to move freely, even if the destination does not require the arrival of the vaccine."

Al Hammadi pointed out that some things are still unclear in some countries, such as the number of injuries, as travelers prefer a regular decline in injuries, expecting that this will lead to last-minute reservations, to wait for the situation to become clear in some Arab and European countries.

He pointed out that some residents, in whose countries there are restrictions such as quarantine, and an increase in infections, decided to postpone their travel until the situation changed there.

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