New consumption spawns pet-friendly restaurants

  News from our newspaper (intern reporter Yang Tianyue) On the third floor of Taikoo Li South District, Sanlitun, in the outdoor dining areas of restaurants such as Yiku, Yijiao, Mojuaner, and Dawu, you can often see pet dogs and cats.

The reporter was informed that these restaurants have turned their stores into "pet-friendly restaurants" to provide convenience for consumers who bring their pets out of the house.

  According to the staff of Yiku Restaurant, the store will not only provide outdoor dining seats for consumers who bring pets to eat, but also provide water basins and exclusive snacks for pets, and disinfect the tables and chairs after each meal. Sterilize.

"I hope that while taking care of everyone's stomachs, I also greet the cute little guys around you. Bringing pets to the store requires an appointment by phone in advance. We also encourage customers to hold the rope during the whole process." The above-mentioned staff member said.

  For many pet owners, eating with their pets is always a big problem.

"If you want to take your pets out to play together on weekends, you basically have to go to the convenience store to buy some snacks to make do." Citizen Ms. Wang said that since the family has a small corgi, the activity radius for weekend holiday outings has increased. The smaller the frequency, the lower the frequency.

"Recently, I learned that there is a pet-friendly restaurant through a friend's recommendation. It really solved a big problem."

  As people's consumption concepts continue to upgrade, more and more pet-friendly restaurants have begun to appear.

The "National Pet-Friendly Restaurant Reputation Report" previously released by Dianping shows that the number of "pet-friendly restaurants" in Beijing has exceeded 1,700.

In addition to allowing pets, some pet-friendly restaurants also offer exclusive menus for pets.