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LG Electronics withdraws from the mobile phone business, Apple is actively stepping up over this vacancy. In addition to the second-hand reward for buying the used LG phone, I put an extraordinary condition on it.

This is reporter Kim Ki-tae.


Apple launched an unusually active offensive.

If the LG smartphone user replaces the iPhone series by September 25th, it will provide an additional compensation of 150,000 won in addition to the used phone market price.

LG Electronics' LTE and 5G smartphones are all interchangeable, but can be changed to two models, the iPhone 12 and the 12 mini.

Apple's policy is the only one in the world to be implemented in Korea, and this is the first time that Apple has introduced a second-hand compensation policy for purchasing other models.

An official from a mobile operator said, "Apple has decided to cover all the financial resources for the payment of 150,000 won," and "Apple strongly wanted this compensation policy."

Samsung Electronics wasn't standing still.

After opening the latest Galaxy series and returning the existing LG phone, we also decided to compensate 150,000 won for the used phone market price.

LG Electronics, which has declared withdrawal from the market, has a 10% market share in domestic smartphones, and competition to capture this market has intensified.

In particular, as it is highly likely that LG phone users will choose Samsung phones that share the Android operating system, Apple will motivate them to switch to iOS and mobilize more active support measures to attract long-term customers.

The two companies did not officially announce the compensation plan today (28th), but it seems that Apple was conscious of the possibility of LG users in other countries requesting additional compensation in that Samsung could stimulate LG Electronics that decided to withdraw from the market .

(Video editing: Yoon Tae-ho)