The extension of the ERTE, which extends aid to companies and workers affected by the current coronavirus crisis until September 30, has been achieved with the support of social agents.

Thus, there will be up to 45 'ultra-protected' activities that will be eligible for this measure until October.

The agreement reached, approved in an extraordinary Council of Ministers, establishes a series of sectors of greater protection with exemptions to Social Security of 95% as long as workers stay in the ERTE for four months and have less than 50 employees.

If they exceed this figure, the exemption will be 85%

The list has been modified to include three new activities, but five that previously did appear on the list were also removed.

As explained by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, these changes are due to the fact that this list includes companies whose CNAE between the end of April of last year and the end of May of this year have recovered the activity in a lower percentage 75% and have a percentage of affiliates covered by ERTEs equal to or greater than 15%.

In this way, graphic arts and services related to them leave the list; manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment; Retail sale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software in specialized stores; space transport, and rental of means of navigation. Those that enter are the manufacture of other clothing and accessories; wholesale trade in coffee, tea, cocoa and spices, and photography activities.

The 45 activities that are part of the 'ultra-protected' CNAE until September 30 are, according to a list drawn up by Europa Press: hotels and similar accommodation; tourist accommodation and other short stay; other accommodations; passenger air transport; activities related to air transport; Marine transport; transportation by taxi; passenger transport by inland waterways; other types of passenger land transport, and the management of show rooms.

The list also includes iron ore extraction activities; manufacture of explosives; newspaper publishing; precious metal production; tour operator activities; travel agency activities; reproduction of recorded media; wholesale trade in hides and skins; wholesale trade of beverages; wholesale trade of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices; rental of means of air transport, and other reservation services and activities related to them.

There are also the rental of other personal effects and household items; the performing arts and also its auxiliary activities; manufacture of costume jewelery and also jewelery; organization of trade fair conventions; rental of video tapes and records; making other clothing and accessories, and photography activities.

The list is completed by aeronautical and space repair and maintenance activities;

graphic arts;

other printing activities;

film exhibition activities;

rental of automobiles and light motor vehicles;

photocopying activities;

other recreational and entertainment activities;

washing and cleaning of textile and leather garments;

botanical garden and zoological park activities;

gambling and betting activities;

amusement and theme parks;

physical maintenance activities;

restaurants and food stalls, and drinking establishments.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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