A New Journey of Struggle for a Century, a New Journey in China | Hainan: Free Trade Port Construction Has Speed, "People's Livelihood Background" Has Temperature

  Xinhua News Agency, Haikou, May 23 -

Question: Hainan: the building of a free trade port speed "livelihood background" temperature

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Changlin Luo Jiang

  The blue sea is wide, and the spring is full of Qiongzhou.

When General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Hainan in 2013, he left his affectionate exhortation of "well-off or not, the key is to look at the villagers".

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Hainan has taken poverty alleviation as the first livelihood project, and made every effort to resolve the pain points of the people's livelihood of "emergency, worry and hope" and handed in a "high score" people's livelihood answer sheet.

  Striving to start a new journey, urban and rural areas are changing day by day.

China's largest special economic zone is ushering in a new historical mission. In the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up, Hainan focuses on the people's growing needs for a better life, and promotes the development of the free trade port to better benefit the people.

"Island-wide integration" solves the "must-answer question" of people's livelihood

  In Nanda Village, Baisha Li Autonomous County, villagers mentioned that Gao Shengzhang and Tian Shuxian were full of praise: relying on the ecological advantages of the central mountainous area, Xiao Gao, who suffers from a third-degree disability, became rich by raising bees with the help of the government. Laotian planted purple jade and Huaishan to get rid of poverty. People also led dozens of villagers to work together.

  "We have transferred more than 200 acres of land in the village to take everyone to develop leisure agriculture." Xiaogao intends to add another fire to the industry.

  Exploit advantageous resources, improve the degree of organization, activate the main role of the masses, and get rid of small and weak poverty alleviation industries to increase income and become rich. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the average per capita net income of the poor will increase by 23.41%.

  About 80% of Hainan’s land is in rural areas, and 60% of the registered population are farmers. Poverty alleviation is related to the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up and the start of the construction of a free trade port. Bright results show high-quality poverty alleviation: all five nationally designated poor counties have taken their hats , All 600 poor villages were lifted out of poverty, achieved zero breakthrough in collective economy, and 649,700 poor people were lifted out of poverty.

  Due to the late establishment of the province and its weak foundation, Hainan's health, education, infrastructure and other livelihood shortcomings are prominent.

Regarding the entire island as a big city in a unified plan, Hainan promotes infrastructure and public service improvement projects to tilt towards the grassroots.  

  In Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County, parents tried their best to send their children into the city.

In 2016, Bao Rui was shocked when he took office as the principal of Qiongzhongwanling School: the teaching building has become a dilapidated building, and there are flocks of cattle and sheep on the campus, and there are only 81 students left in the school.

Today, this mountain school has built a new teaching building, a plastic playground and a swimming pool, and there are more than 1,100 students.

  In the past five years, the number of primary and middle school students in Qiongzhong has increased by more than 5,600. Every year, returning students from outside the county can support a nine-year school in a township.

  From the introduction of "good principals and teachers", to the introduction of a "principal + backbone" management team, to the creation of "one city (county), two schools and one park", more and more children are studying on the spot.

  You can also enjoy quality medical care at your doorstep.

Hainan implements the recruitment of medical talents for “provincial county use, county township use, and township village use”. It has cooperated with 51 high-quality hospitals and medical schools outside the province to run medicine, completed the standardized construction of 1,249 primary-level medical and health institutions, and basically realized it. "You can't enter the city for minor illnesses, and you can't leave the island for serious illnesses."

  The whole province is a game of chess, and the whole island is in the same city.

Expressways are connected to counties and counties, and all qualified natural villages are connected to hardened roads; rural drinking water safety projects have been consolidated and improved; fiber-optic broadband networks have achieved full coverage of impoverished administrative villages... Five networks are densely woven to consolidate the "foundation" of rural area development.

Institutional integration innovation "overweights" the mass gain

  In the process of building a high-quality and high-standard free trade port with Chinese characteristics, Hainan has always placed system integration and innovation in a prominent position. Its achievements are not only reflected in economic development, but also in the increasing sense of gain and happiness of the masses.

  In Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, the arrival of the village revitalization task force has made a big change in the village: from rubbish everywhere to the start of the improvement of the rural living environment, and the establishment of cooperatives to recycle waste resources, so that the village can be both beautiful and income; abandoned old houses Transform into a "village museum" and become a place for tourists to check in.

  In 2019, Hainan Innovatively selected 8,583 cadres to form 2,758 rural revitalization teams, covering towns and villages in the province.

  In the past two years, villages have got rid of the old appearance of weak industry, poor environment and scattered people.

  "We have formulated a 15-year rural revitalization and development plan. One crop after another will definitely achieve the goal!" said Yu Xiancheng, the leader of the solid village and rural revitalization team.

  Rural talents in short supply are included in the management of the free trade port’s talent list, exploring and formulating a negative list of social capital going to the countryside to market access, activating idle resources to create a new form of shared farms... Through system integration and innovation, Hainan explores the solution to the "people, money, land" of rural revitalization problem.

  The hope of the people and the direction of governance.

The "Village Affairs Consultative Conference" opened the door to handle village affairs, the "branch on the grid" opened up the city's grassroots governance, "nervous endings", and "doing on code" comprehensive platform for comprehensive convenience services... In the past three years, Hainan has launched hundreds of An innovative measure on the happiness index.

  Green mountains, green waters, blue seas and blue skies are Hainan’s biggest capital. Institutional innovation ensures that the ecological environment can only be better, not worse.

  At present, Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park has shifted from a pilot system to a full-scale promotion. The area of ​​4,403 square kilometers has been effectively protected. The ongoing ecological system GDP accounting is about to find out the "ecological foundation".

  At the beginning of this year, 118 villagers in Gaofeng Village, located in the ecological core area of ​​the park, moved out of the mountains.

"From housing to production and life, the government has made proper arrangements." Villager Fu Guohua said.

The government reclaims the collective land in old villages after compensation for crops and adjusts it to state-owned land; integrates and reclaims state-owned land that is not highly utilized in reclamation areas and adjusts it to collective land in new villages so that villagers can leave their homes without losing their land.

  Completion of the ecological protection red line, environmental quality bottom line, resource utilization online and environmental access list; carrying out environmental resource roving trials...Based on the strategic positioning of the national ecological civilization experimental zone, Hainan's ecological civilization system is continuously upgraded, and the people enjoy the most inclusive livelihood Well-being.

Free trade port construction releases people's livelihood dividend

  To make the reform and development more and more equitable to benefit the people is the meaning of the free trade port construction.

  On May 13, a new batch of 108 Hainan Free Trade Port construction projects started in a concentrated manner.

The construction of Dulwich Inga School started, and another famous international school landed in Haikou after Harrow School.

Last year, the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in Germany landed in Yangpu Economic Development Zone, becoming the first independent university program in China.

The construction of the International Education Innovation Island has been accelerated, and Hainan has signed contracts to introduce 36 well-known universities at home and abroad.

  "Fortunately, I bought the'Global Special Drug Insurance', or the high cost of the drug would bring down the family." Mr. Li, an 85-year-old resident of Qiongzhong, said that he needed to use an imported new drug to diagnose lung adenocarcinoma last year. The fee is as high as 550,000 yuan.

Since he had previously spent 29 yuan to insure the "Global Special Drug Insurance", the cost of the drug can be paid in full.

  Last year, Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pioneer Zone launched "Global Special Drug Insurance", covering 49 kinds of domestic unlisted drugs, 21 kinds of domestic new anti-cancer drugs outside of social security, and covering 35 kinds of common cancers.

Relying on policies such as franchised medical care, franchised research, franchising, and franchised international medical exchanges, Lecheng has created a medical opening window, basically realized the synchronization of medical equipment and drugs with the international advanced level, and became the "city of hope" for domestic patients.

  Food, clothing, housing and transportation directly affect the happiness index of the people.

The first China International Consumer Goods Fair, which just closed in Haikou, attracted 1,505 companies and 2,628 brands from about 70 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, and a batch of "high, new, excellent and special" international consumer products entered the Chinese market.

  The Consumer Expo has also become a window for domestic enterprises to "go out to sea".

Qionghai’s “Window of Tropical Fruits of the World” signed more than 2 million orders for 20 high-end fruits at the Consumer Fair.

Right now, the base is docking fruit exports with European merchants.

  Relying on the free trade port's "zero tariff, low tax rate, and more freedom" policy advantages, Hainan plans to build a global consumer boutique center project, which will provide a platform for perennial display and trading of domestic and foreign consumer boutiques, and truly "buy the world" and "sell the world".