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Corona raises sports equipment sales by up to 100%

  • The turnout included walking and jogging devices.



Officials of outlets confirmed an unprecedented increase of up to 100% in consumer purchases of sports equipment and equipment, during the "Covid-19" pandemic.

They attributed this to consumers ’concern for physical health, to strengthen their immunity during the pandemic, especially as they spend more time at home, and prefer to stay away from public and closed gyms, in compliance with the precautionary measures and measures to combat the pandemic.

high demand

In detail, the Deputy Director of the Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society for Operations, Abdullah Eid, said, “There is a great and unprecedented turnout by consumers to buy sports equipment during the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic, which led to a significant increase in sales of 100%.”

He attributed the great demand for buying sports equipment and devices to the culture that the pandemic has produced in a wide sector of consumers, regarding the importance of maintaining health and practicing sports regularly, as it is a form of confronting the virus.

He emphasized that the increase in sales included various sports equipment, primarily those used in homes, such as treadmills and jogging machines, and light weights.

Healthy awareness

For his part, the director of corporate communication at the "Lulu International Group", the group’s official spokesman, Nanda Kumar, said, “Sales of sports equipment and equipment increased by 100% during the (Corona) pandemic, compared to the previous period.”

He explained that «the purchases focused on home sports equipment, and those that are used in open spaces, given the preference of some to avoid the halls of closed and mixed».

He believed that «the pandemic raised health awareness among a large segment of consumers, who have become more keen on their health and exercise regularly».

He pointed out that the most commonly purchased devices and equipment by consumers are treadmills and treadmills, muscle-building equipment and loads of various kinds, as well as electric and non-electric bicycles.

He emphasized that "LuLu Group" encourages practicing sports and buying its own equipment, by increasing the quantity and quality of the equipment offered, in addition to offering various discounts to encourage their purchase.

Offer the best price

In the same context, the director of "Carrefour Emirates" at "Majid Al Futtaim Retail", Philip Begion, said that "sales of sports equipment have witnessed a significant increase, reaching at least 45%, during the 12 months following the (Corona) virus pandemic."

He explained that «the largest proportion of this increase was the share of individual equipment, such as treadmills and weights, referring to consumers’ interest in physical health to strengthen their immunity, while spending more time at home away from gatherings, as well as being careful to stay away from sports machines in places. General, in compliance with the precautionary measures and measures. ”

He stressed that the "Carrefour" chain of stores has offered many offers on sports equipment during the past year, and is in constant contact with suppliers of sports equipment to offer the best prices on sports equipment during the offers that will be launched this year.

Healthy foods

The sales official at a major outlet, Muhammad Al-Asaad, agreed that there is a great demand on the part of consumers to buy sports equipment and devices, which led to an increase in their sales at the outlet by rates ranging between 40 and 60%, depending on the type of device.

Al-Asaad expected that this healthy culture, in addition to the demand for healthy foods, will continue for a long time, and will not end with the control of the pandemic, which was a major reason for the increase in interest in health and fitness.

He explained that "the demand for purchase included various sports equipment, especially those used at home, or in parks and open spaces, such as walking, jogging, cycling, and muscle-building devices, as well as shoes and sports clothes."

Going to local manufacturing

Retail expert Davy Nagpal called on outlets to provide sports equipment for different ages, and to offer great discounts on their prices, in agreement with suppliers, as well as to go to manufacture some devices locally, to provide them at reasonable prices.

He pointed out that the "Covid-19" pandemic has produced a new trend that should be supported and encouraged, expecting that the approach to sport will continue as a way of life, and not be temporary.

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