Mr. Sandner, is the Bitcoin disenchantment starting now?

Inken Schönauer

Editor in business, responsible for the financial market.

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    No not at all.

    The price is the result of supply and demand.

    In view of the turbulence, one should not forget where the Bitcoin comes from.

    A year ago it was $ 10,000; about three and a half years ago it was $ 1,200.

    So the Bitcoin is not at the end?

    Not at all.

    Wait a few months for inflation concerns to intensify.

    Then investors will look for assets in which they can invest, then cryptocurrencies will take on a whole new meaning and the value could rise again.

    And we must not forget that Ethereum - the second largest cryptocurrency - has become the largest blockchain ecosystem in the world, with tens of thousands of programmers.

    The Tesla boss Elon Musk has properly fueled the turbulence.

    Only when he tweeted that Bitcoin could now also be used to pay.

    After that, when he rowed back that it would no longer work after all.

    Doesn't that show the dilemma that things are way too erratic in the crypto world?

    The whole process shows that people are far too little concerned with the topics of blockchain and bitcoin.

    That is the real dilemma.

    How can you make your own investment decision so mindlessly?

    It's completely crazy that one man can move hundreds of billions of dollars and so many people follow.

    Why can investors be guided so quickly in both directions?

    China has now contributed to the downward trend.

    How do you rate that?

    Every country deals with crypto issues differently. In liberal countries like Germany, the discussion about Bitcoin and Co is primarily about avoiding money laundering and tax fraud. Otherwise a lot can be tried out. In countries like India or Turkey, governments are concerned that new currencies will establish themselves as permanent backup currencies. And in China, the state wants to keep control. These are very different approaches. It is important to recognize that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are very difficult to separate from one another.