Increase physical consumption, develop service consumption, cultivate new types of consumption, and expand urban and rural consumption——

  Good business environment promotes continued consumption recovery (Rui Finance)

  On the morning of May 18, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference in May.

Jin Xiandong, Director of the Political Research Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, pointed out at the meeting that since the beginning of this year, facing the test of the winter and spring epidemics and the uncertainty of the external environment, thanks to the precise implementation of macroeconomic policies, China's economy has been steadily strengthened and stabilized .

  The main data is performing well

  In the first four months of this year, both power generation and electricity consumption increased.

In terms of power generation, from January to April, the national industrial power generation above designated size increased by 16.8% year-on-year, an increase of 10.9% over the same period last year, and an average increase of 5.3% over the two years.

In terms of electricity consumption, from January to April this year, the country's electricity consumption in the whole society increased by 19.1% year-on-year, an increase of 14.6% over the same period last year, and an average increase of 7% over the two years.

Among them, the electricity consumption of primary, secondary, tertiary and households increased by 23.8%, 20.7%, 29% and 3.8% respectively year-on-year.

In terms of different regions, the growth rate of electricity consumption in 11 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country exceeded 20%, of which Tibet and Hubei grew by more than 30%.

In April, the electricity consumption of the whole society increased by 13.2% year-on-year, 15% more than in April 2019, and an average increase of 7.2% over the two years.

  The momentum of investment in fixed assets is good.

In April, the Development and Reform Commission approved 12 fixed asset investment projects with a total investment of 87.3 billion yuan.

Among them, 11 are approved and 1 approved, mainly in the transportation, information technology and other industries.

  The China-Europe Express trains are operating well, with logistics and distribution covering the entire European territory.

Jin Xiandong said that since the official launch of the unified brand of China-Europe freight trains in June 2016, China-Europe freight trains have continued to achieve mutual benefit and win-win "acceleration" in the past five years, helping countries along the route to connect facilities, deepen trade cooperation and industrial linkage development. The popularity and brand reputation have been unprecedentedly increased, and countries and regions along the route are becoming more and more enthusiastic to participate.

In April this year, China-Europe freight trains opened 1,218, transporting 117,000 TEUs, up 24% and 33% year-on-year, respectively, and the overall heavy container rate was 98%, maintaining a steady and progressing development momentum.

Up to now, the total number of China-Europe freight trains has reached 38,000, transporting 3.4 million TEUs of goods, reaching 151 cities in 22 European countries, and the logistics and distribution network covering the whole of Europe.

  The consumer market recovers steadily

  With the effective control of the domestic epidemic situation and the continuous optimization of the consumption environment, household consumption has continued to make up this year, and the consumer market has steadily recovered.

Jin Xiandong said that due to the epidemic and other factors, residents' consumption is still subject to certain restrictions, the foundation for recovery is not yet solid, and the process is still uneven.

In the next step, the National Development and Reform Commission will coordinate the strength and resources of various departments and take multiple measures to stabilize and expand consumption.

  Vigorously increase physical consumption.

Accelerate the transformation of consumer goods such as automobiles from purchase management to use management, remove unreasonable restrictions on second-hand car transactions, promote the deployment and application of Internet of Vehicles and charging piles (stations), and encourage qualified areas to carry out vehicles to the countryside and trade in automobiles, home appliances, and furniture. .

Support the development of consumer-oriented electronic products such as ultra-high-definition video terminals, virtual reality/augmented reality devices, and wearable devices.

Speed ​​up the promotion of efficient end-use energy equipment and products.

  Actively develop service consumption.

Continue to promote pilot demonstrations of cultural and tourism consumption.

Take the Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity to boost sports tourism consumption.

Develop the big health industry and expand the consumption of health services.

Support the construction of an old-age service system that combines medical care, health care, and a multi-level and diversified nursery service supply system.

  Accelerate the cultivation of new types of consumption.

Strengthen the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure, product supply chain service innovation, and the application of new equipment and new equipment, further promote the integration of online and offline consumption, and cultivate and expand new retail, "Internet + healthcare", digital culture and tourism, online education, and smart sports And other new consumer formats.

  Continuously expand urban and rural consumption.

Cultivate and build an international consumption center city, build a group of regional consumption centers, and promote the transformation and upgrading of pedestrian streets and standardized vegetable markets.

Expand the supply of affordable rental housing and improve long-term rental housing policies.

Strengthen the construction of the county-level commercial system, establish and improve the supply chain system, operation service system, and support and guarantee system that adapt to the online sales of agricultural products, and improve the county-level consumption environment.

  Continue to optimize the consumption environment.

Promote the construction of product and service brands and standards, protect and develop Chinese time-honored brands, and continuously improve the quality of supply.

Establish a normalized consumer environment evaluation system, explore the establishment of a consumer complaint information publicity system, and vigorously promote the construction of a diversified consumer dispute resolution mechanism.

  Overall improvement of the business environment

  China's business environment evaluation system is gradually improving.

Up to now, the National Development and Reform Commission has organized multiple batches of business environment assessments across the country for three consecutive years, covering 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), with 98 cities and 18 national-level new districts participating in the assessment.

  From the perspective of the indicator system, adhere to the orientation of market players and public satisfaction.

The evaluation index system closely follows the requirements of creating a stable, fair, transparent, and predictable business environment, as well as the attractiveness of investment and the high-quality development of the city. It includes the three dimensions of measuring the full life cycle of the enterprise, reflecting the attractiveness of investment, and reflecting the supervision and service. 18 first-level indicators and 87 second-level indicators comprehensively reflect the business environment in various regions.

  From the perspective of evaluation methods, go deep into the front line to obtain actual cases and data.

Taking the evaluation in 2020 as an example, the National Development and Reform Commission issued more than 360,000 corporate questionnaires, telephone interviews more than 1,900 companies, more than 200 companies in depth, more than 20,000 calls for investigation and verification calls, unannounced visits to more than 320 government affairs halls, and in-depth listening And understand the feelings and opinions of market players and the public, and truly evaluate the business environment in various places.

  From the perspective of exploration and practice, six batches of business environment assessments have been organized for three consecutive years.

Jin Xiandong said: "Multi-batch evaluations have laid a solid foundation for verifying the evaluation index system, improving evaluation methods, and accumulating evaluation experience. It also provides an important basis for participating cities to review the business environment and formulate targeted reform measures."

  Jin Xiandong said that the guiding and urging role of business environment assessment in optimizing the business environment has begun to appear, which can guide and help participating cities to grasp the overall level of the local business environment, existing shortcomings, and improvement directions, and continue to optimize business operations for all regions. Business environment provides reference for decision-making.

  Reporter: Xu Peiyu