Suzuki, an automobile manufacturer, has resumed production at three local factories, which had been suspended since the beginning of this month, in India, which is the main market where the explosive spread of the new coronavirus continues. ..

In India, the explosive spread of the new coronavirus has caused a shortage of medical oxygen, and measures have been taken to turn industrial oxygen into medical use. Due to the fact that it became a problem, three local factories were shut down from May 1st.

According to Suzuki, production was resumed on some lines of the three factories from the 17th, saying that the situation was ready for production by changing the processing of parts to a method that does not use oxygen.

When production resumed, it also strengthened infection control measures such as increasing ventilation equipment in the factory.

Suzuki says, "We want to ensure the safety of local employees and employees through thorough infection control measures, and to continue production while paying close attention to the infection situation."