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news of the Customs Assessment Classifier that dozens of employees have received special supplies for apartments in Sejong City even though the building has not been moved to Sejong City is increasing people's anger. In the process, the government is examining whether there is any violation of the law and whether it is possible to cancel the receipt of special apartment supplies.

First, reporter Jeong Seong-jin.

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Customs Assessment and Classification Service, which forced the relocation of Sejong and eventually left the building, which was built with a tax of 11.7 billion won, saying that it was specified as an exclusion agency by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

When it became known that 49 employees had even received a special supply apartment and made profits in the market price, Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom ordered a strict investigation.

If violations were found, they were asked to investigate, and ordered to review whether the special supply of apartments received by the staff could be canceled.

[Kim Buk-gyeom/Prime Minister: They requested that they even legally review whether their first acquired commando status itself is a valid command.] The

Sejong Special Supply System requires only government ministries or public institutions to announce the relocation plan or land purchase contract. To give.

Because of this, the Kwanpyeongwon received special benefits in February 2017 when he bought the site, and he is considering the appropriateness of this process.

In addition, it was revealed that many of the agency's employees who stayed in Sejong City for several years and then relocated to other cities earned market profits through special supplies.

It has been confirmed that the Saemangeum Development Administration received 46 employees from 2013 to 2018 before the government office moved to Gunsan, and 165 employees from the Maritime Police Agency, which had stayed in Sejong for two years from 2016.

In 2018, the two organizations left Sejong City, but most of the employees retained the apartments they had been sold to, and recently enjoyed the market price margin of Sejong, the nation's highest surge.

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