China News Service, May 16 (Reporter Xu Jing) When the city of Shanghai encounters digital economy innovation and entrepreneurship, what kind of chemical reaction will occur?

Wu Jincheng, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, said on the 15th that digital transformation has become a new advantage leading economic development.

  At the "Second Shanghai 50 Young People Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship" held in Shanghai on the 15th, Wu Jincheng introduced the digital transformation of Shanghai's cities and shared the opportunities and actions of enterprises in the process of urban digital transformation.

  On the first working day of 2021, Shanghai issued the "Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Digital Transformation of Shanghai's City", which clarified the long-term goal of Shanghai's urban digital transformation construction, and proposed that it should start from the overall situation of "the city is a living body and an organism" and coordinate the promotion of the city. Comprehensive digital transformation of economy, life, and governance.

  In contrast, in 2020, Shanghai's online new economy is booming. Representative companies such as Pinduoduo and Hema Xiansheng have increased their revenue by more than 70%. Digital transformation has become a new advantage leading economic development.

  In Shanghai, digital transformation is a "first-hand project." Two types of digital transformation models are important. One is a large system and a large platform, one is a network office, and the other is a network management system. The other is a small cut and a large application.

  Innovation is the eternal theme of the development of the times. New technologies and new industries give innovation power, and digital transformation will also bring new opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Who does digital transformation serve?

Wu Jincheng said that the city is the home field, the enterprise is the main body, and the people are the master.


  The city is the home field: rich scenes and massive data.

In the future, 80%-90% of people will live in cities, so cities are the biggest scene.

  The enterprise is the main body: the demand side is vigorous.

In the "3+6" key industries, including digital industrialization and industrial digitization, Shanghai is closely relying on enterprises, including innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises here, who are the main body of digital transformation and the most active force in digital transformation.

  Citizens are the masters: Digital transformation is for the people. People's cities are built for the people. People's cities are for the people. Digital transformation is also for the people. The key is to look at the experience of the people.

  "Digital transformation enterprises are the main body, and talents are the treasure." Wu Jincheng emphasized.

In response to the core talent demand for digital transformation, he said that Shanghai has 50% of 5G talents, 33.7% of AI talents, 25% of innovative medicine talents, and 25% of smart car talents across the country. The current total number of employees in Shanghai's new online economy is about Seven hundred thousand people, and the goal of the "14th Five-Year Plan" is to double the number of Internet talent.

  According to Wu Jincheng, in the past year, Shanghai's digital economy has flourished, and digital transformation has become a new advantage leading to economic development.

In 2020, Shanghai has set up 417,900 new enterprises, with an average of 1665 new enterprises set up every day, a year-on-year increase of 12.8%; software and information service industry operating income will increase by more than 12%; and the output value of new-generation information technology will increase by 6.2%.

  The "Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting Shanghai's Urban Digital Transformation" clarified that by 2025, Shanghai will achieve remarkable results in comprehensively promoting urban digital transformation, and the construction of an international digital capital will form a basic framework.

The digital infrastructure is world-class, the digital economy is leading the country, and the digital trade international hub port has complete functions. It has built a world-class digital industry cluster and has become a globally competitive financial technology center and a digital economy innovation highland.

  "The opportunities for digital transformation are limitless, and the future is promising. We must seize the opportunities and participate deeply in the hope that the entrepreneurs here can contribute greater wisdom and strength." Wu Jincheng said.