China News Service, Shanghai, May 15 (Reporter Miao Lu and Sun Quan) An inter-provincial ring-yuandang through bridge lies on Yuandang Lake, like a ribbon flying in the sky, connecting the wetland landscape of Yuandang Lake with the green road around the lake. It became a "concentric knot" connecting Shanghai Qingpu District and Wujiang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu.

As everyone knows, there used to be grassy areas before, and there were only two dead ends facing each other across the lake, which belonged to the "Three Regards" zone on the border of Shanghai and Jiangsu.

  From "Three Regards" to "Fragrant Steamed Buns", the time-space information platform of the Yangtze River Delta Eco-Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone uses a piece of satellite images overlooking from the air to visually record the first one in the Yangtze River Delta Eco-Green Integrated Development Demonstration Zone. The whole process of the cross-domain integration project "New green by the lake".

  In November 2018, the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta became a national strategy. In December 2019, the "Outline of the Yangtze River Delta Regional Integration Development Plan" was released. Subsequently, the Yangtze River Delta Demonstration Zone formed the "Five Ones" (one piece). The blueprint manages the entire domain, one main body manages development, a set of standards manages quality, one platform manages implementation, and an integrated system manages governance) co-construction model.

  To achieve "a blueprint governing the entire domain", the premise is a "spatial data base" based on a unified coordinate system, a unified data format, a unified classification standard, and a unified storage platform.

The data is scattered everywhere, the standards are different, and the road construction elevation system is not uniform. How can we talk about drawing a blueprint?

  "Administration is bounded, data has no boundaries." The Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone uses data to equip the demonstration area with "clairvoyance", and data integration drives the development of integration.

  Click on the space-time information platform of the demonstration area. Images, planning, land use status, topography, three-dimensional buildings and other images make the spatial and geographic information of the Yangtze River Delta Integrated Demonstration Area clear at a glance.

Image comparison explores the "past and present" of regional development, information collection depicts "featured portraits" of key projects, data management forms an early warning "planning box"... According to the ecological and planning of the Executive Committee of the Yangtze River Delta Ecological Green Integration Development Demonstration Zone According to Tuo Xianjin, senior director of the Ministry of Construction, these data constitute the "data base" of 2,413 square kilometers in the demonstration area.

  In addition to unifying standards for scattered spatial information in various regions and providing a data basis for planning and spatial monitoring, the Yangtze River Delta Demonstration Zone also breaks down the barriers of administrative divisions and realizes the cross-regional and cross-departmental exchange and sharing of data resources. "Becomes "a picture of reality".

  Today, Shanghai Qingpu, Zhejiang Jiashan, and Jiangsu Wujiang in the Yangtze River Delta Demonstration Zone have shared medical insurance data. A total of 85 medical insurance designated medical institutions have access to the outpatient and emergency network settlement system, allowing insured persons from the three places to see outpatient and emergency care in the demonstration area. , It is no longer necessary to go through the filing procedures in the place of insured, and the convenience of seeing a doctor in a different place in the demonstration area and the medical insurance benefits consistent with the place of insuring can be realized.

  A few days ago, Bank of Communications Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Branch also used data sharing to realize joint credit granting in different places, helping an Anhui company solve the problem of cross-border financing difficulties.

According to Jia Xiaodong, product manager of the International Section of the Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Branch of Bank of Communications, the company used the identity of an overseas company for financing. Locally, credit approval was difficult to approve, so it was recommended under cross-regional coordination. At the demonstration branch, the task of building a fund pool was finally completed.

  At present, the Tax Service Department of the Fourth Tax Office of the Shanghai Qingpu District Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation is undergoing a smart hall transformation. Based on the release of data permissions in the demonstration area, the smart hall will realize unmanned office and automatic flow of information in the future .

  Tian Desong, deputy director of the Shanghai Qingpu District Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, said that after the completion of the Smart Hall, the requirements for data integration in the demonstration area will be higher. "The sharing of data and information in the region will improve the convenience of taxpayers on the one hand. On the other hand, it is conducive to deepening regional comparative analysis, sharing tax development experience, and facilitating the high-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta." (End)