Amid rising global demand for semiconductors, a new LDP parliamentary federation will be established to discuss medium- to long-term strategies for strengthening Japan's semiconductor industry, and former Prime Minister Abe and Deputy Prime Minister Aso will be the chief advisors. The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance are expected to take office.

With the rise in global demand for semiconductors against the backdrop of DX = digital transformation, Japanese companies that once led the global semiconductor industry are now lagging behind companies such as the United States and Taiwan in terms of market share, and the industrial strength in this field is being strengthened. It is an issue.

Under these circumstances, a new parliamentary federation of the LDP will be established to discuss the medium- to long-term strategy of the Japanese semiconductor industry, and the first meeting will be held on the 21st of this month.

Former Prime Minister Abe and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Aso are expected to serve as chairman of the Amari Tax System Investigation.

In addition to cooperation and cooperation in semiconductor manufacturing with friendly countries such as the United States, the Parliamentary League will discuss and compile recommendations for strengthening the semiconductor manufacturing equipment and materials fields in which Japan maintains high competitiveness. I am.

Mr. Amari said, "It is an era in which those who control semiconductors control the world. Semiconductors are an important foundation of economic security, and there is an urgent need to restore Japan."