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is a'good landlord' system in which the government lowers taxes to landlords who lower rents to tenants. It has been implemented since last year with the aim of overcoming Corona 19 together, and there are landlords who did not receive tax benefits even though they participated in such good work.

Somehow, reporter Jeong Seong-jin covered it.


Mr. Kim, who runs a rental business in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, has joined the'Good Landlord' since August of last year.

This is to share the pain of tenants even a little as distance is strengthened due to the second coronavirus pandemic.

[Mr. Mo Kim/Landant: (Tenant) Because business is restricted in accordance with the order prohibiting gathering, I give a 20-30% discount on the rent for the business type... .]

However, Mr. Kim was not able to receive the'Good Landlord' tax credit.

The lease contract was made in May of last year, because the government's'good landlord' system only benefits the lease contracts made before January 31 of last year.

[Mr. Kim/Rentor: I am quite embarrassed and I don't think it fits common sense. I actively responded to the government's policy... .] The

government explained that the lease agreement concluded after the corona crisis believed that the corona variable would have been reflected in the rent, and that the time of application was set before the first coronavirus pandemic.

However, it is pointed out that there are many cases where it is unreasonable, such as when the existing tenant who lowered the rent is closed, and even if the lease is renewed under the same conditions as the new tenant, it is excluded from support.

Earlier this year, a couple of existing tenants changed the name of the business from wife to husband due to personal reasons, and this case was also classified as a new contract and did not receive any benefits.

[Jang Ho-sung/Rentaler: If you come to the scene that your husband is cooking, your wife is serving in the hall, and it has been open since 2016, you

can all know this. The good landlord system, which was due to end the month, was extended until the end of the year and requested the cooperation of landlords, but due to the unconcerned administration, the meaning of sharing the pain is fading.

(Video coverage: Yoohyuk Yoo, video editing: Choi Eunjin)