China News Service, Hunchun, May 15 (Guo Jia and Wu Wei) As China incorporates carbon peaking and carbon neutrality into the overall layout of ecological civilization construction, low-carbon trends have been set off everywhere.

In recent years, Hunchun, a famous tourist city in Jilin, has gradually seen an upsurge in the electrification of traditional homestays.

  Hunchun is located at the junction of China, Russia and North Korea. It has beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural history. The Fangchuan Scenic Area in the region is one of the "Eight Sceneries of Jilin".

In recent years, with the rapid development of tourism, local Korean-style homestays have also sprung up.

  In the Fangchuan tourist area of ​​Hunchun, the blue tiles and white walls, ancient Korean traditional architecture and stone mills and sculptures complement each other. The shops along the river sell rice intestines and rice cakes. There are always folk singing and dancing performances in the music square. Tourists An endless stream.

  However, the homestays in Fangchuan tourist attractions are mainly made of wooden structures. Although they are antique, the use of open flames has greater safety hazards. If a fire occurs, the consequences can be disastrous.

To this end, the State Grid Hunchun Power Supply Company was invited to electrify the scenic spots and guest houses.

A scene of Fangchuan tourist attraction.

Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Hunchun Municipal Party Committee

  According to the development concept of "all-electric scenic spot", the State Grid Hunchun City Power Supply Company upgraded the power supply line of Fangchuan Village, and added three new transformers totaling 3,600 kVA. The lines were buried in the ground and laid by pipe corridors. Full coverage of power supply facilities.

  "The renovated homestays are both convenient and clean. During the May 1st this year, the occupancy rate of tourists has increased significantly." Liu Huiqiang, project manager of Hunchun Fangchuan International Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd., said that all homestays in the scenic area have now been electrified.

  Liu Huiqiang introduced that through the APP of the power supply company, the power consumption of the scenic spot can be monitored at any time with a mobile phone, and the power consumption can also be analyzed to reduce unnecessary waste.

  According to reports, this year, the State Grid Hunchun Power Supply Company will also build electrified villages such as the Hekou Shazhou Scenic Area in Hunchun.

It is foreseeable that more "low-carbon homestays" will be born in Hunchun in the future.

  The relevant person in charge of the State Grid Hunchun Power Supply Company stated that the company is building a “carbon-neutral” tourism demonstration model area with clean regional energy supply, low-carbon energy consumption, and ecological energy services, forming a green development that can be promoted and replicated. mode.