It turns out that'Seohak ants' investing in overseas stocks are net selling Tesla, an American electric vehicle company that has been buying the most over the past 18 months.

It is analyzed that the stock price has been sluggish this month, and above all else, it is attributable to the'risk' caused by the successive journeys of CEO Elon Musk.

According to Sebro, the Securities Information Portal, until yesterday (14th) this month, Seohak ants net sold $46.72 million of Tesla stocks.

Stocks bought were $562.8 million and shares sold were $69 million.

About half of May remains, but December 2019 was the last time Seohak ants net sold Tesla stock on a monthly basis.

Seohak ants net bought Tesla last year from as little as $16.55 million (April) to as much as $500 million ($49.38 million, December).

In January of this year, it also bought a whopping $1 billion ($93.914 million) in one month.

However, after that, the size of net purchases gradually decreased, and in May, it turned to net sales.

This seems to be due to the weakening of the stock price since January of this year.

Tesla shares have been on a downtrend since peaking on January 25th ($900.4).

The closing price on the 14th was $589.74, down more than 30% from the high.

On the 30th of last month, the stock price fell 16.8% this month from $709.44.

As a result, Tesla stocks held by Seohak ants fell from $9 billion,58.2 million at the end of last month to $7.6 billion,767 million as of the 14th due to stock price declines and net selling.

The decline in stock prices is due to controversy over valuations and concerns that the Federal Reserve tightens early as the U.S. economy enters a recovery phase and that the U.S. government raises corporate taxes will be a direct hit.

In addition, Elon Musk's journey is also raising the element of anxiety.

On the 8th (local time) on NBC broadcast, Musk said, "Dojicoin is a scam," leading to a sharp decline in the price of Dojicoin. I brought up'Coin Panic'.

Accordingly, an analysis by a local brokerage firm said that the decision to stop payment of Tesla car purchases using bitcoin could increase the volatility of Tesla's stock price.

The New York Times (NYT) calls Musk as a "unbelievable person," and there are voices of criticism in the local area as well.

An industry official said, "With the stock price being adjusted, it seems that the Seohak ants, who have invested in Tesla, are making profits while raising the reliability issue for Musk in the local market." 

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)