Small and medium-sized business people have had difficulty in competing over the years due to the weaker logistics system compared to large companies. However, with the creation of a distribution center that handles goods receipt and delivery on behalf of small and medium-sized merchants, it is adding vitality to the economy.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon visited the site.


Dongdaemun wholesale market at dawn time.

Instead of the owners of online and offline clothing stores across the country who came up to Dongdaemun in the past to take off their clothes in the past, employees of logistics companies are busy moving.

[Hello.] When

shopping mall operators and local clothing stores order items with the app, they are hands and feet to purchase instead.

[Choi Yoon-bin/A Integrated Logistics Company Buying Team: This is an app that collects orders. You can think of it as a navigation, what retail orders are in which wholesalers for each store.]

Order management has become easier for wholesalers as well.

[Wholesaler: (Past) Inconsistent time and jagged amount of orders (this was the problem), I think the best way to manage the accurate inventory and delivery list.]

About 10,000 points per day are collected at nearby distribution centers.

It's 3 am now, and products delivered from the wholesale market are inspected and packaged before being shipped to consumers.

This company handles not only returns but also inventory management.

It also provides customized information using AI and big data.

[Park Chan-jae/B representative of integrated logistics company: Provides order prediction function by analyzing information well, or suggests ways to increase sales.]

Small and medium-sized business owners spend the time wasted

trying to

take off goods, take orders, and even deliver goods


You can save it and increase your competitiveness.

[Kim Rae-eun/Bag company sales MD: I packed it until 1 or 2 in the morning, and I worked a lot overtime... Now, so that we can focus more on design or sales or something like this... .] As

Naver invested more than 26 billion won in six companies last year, large IT companies are also paying attention to this market, so the logistics industry for small and medium-sized businesses is expected to evolve further.

(Video coverage: Lee Yong, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)