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be familiar with the'unlabeled bottled water' that does not have a vinyl label on it. As people's interest in the environment has increased, not only water, but other products such as coffee and fruit have also been stripped off the label.

This is Jeon Yeon-nam reporter.


Murabel bottled water was released with the aim of enhancing the recycling of PET bottles by reducing the hassle of removing the vinyl film one by one.

A new transparent PET bottle separation policy was implemented in December last year, and consumers are responding explosively.

The first unlabeled bottled water sold over 10 million bottles last year alone, and a convenience store company's PB bottled water product increased its sales by 80% compared to the previous year as the label was removed.

[Myeong-hee Koo/Yongsan-gu, Seoul: I think I am fortunate to have a product that is environmentally helpful. I have to buy something like this. It was such a heart.]

When we caught two rabbits, both eco-friendly and even sales, label-free products are coming out lined with bottled water, coffee, sparkling water, and tea.

Label-free packaging fruit has also appeared.

The product name and origin are simply engraved on the plastic container containing cherry tomatoes.

[Lee Ji-hyun/Seoul Mapo-gu: All of this (label) is not removed. I can't take it off. If you say that only the country of origin or this can be confirmed, then I think I will buy muravel (fruit) because I have eaten enough.]

[Jang In-gyu/Mart company manager: (to consumers) I am telling you that it is a product that considers the environment. Now, the volume of (sales) has increased twice as much as before... .]

However, there is a difficulty in providing sufficient product information such as product name and expiration date because there is no label, so there are still many cases where essential information is printed on the form of bundled packaging and sold online.

Distributors are devising various methods to expand label-free products, such as engraving essential information on containers or putting information on bottle caps and using QR codes.

(Video editing: Yoon Tae-ho, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)