, Beijing, May 15 (Reporter Du Yan) Beijing’s 2021 points settlement declaration process started on April 15 and ended at 20 o’clock on May 14.

This year, a total of 130,111 people submitted online applications for points settlement, basically the same as in previous years.

  Today, the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced that the application phase for Beijing 2021 points settlement has ended at 20 o'clock on May 14.

From May 15th to June 3rd, the annual points settlement work has entered the departmental review results summary stage, and the relevant departments will summarize the various points indicators reported by the applicant.

  In addition, if the review result has not been fed back before the end of the application phase, the review status will be clarified in a timely manner in the online application system for points settlement.

  From 8 o'clock on June 4th to 20 o'clock on June 11th, the review results are in the review stage. Applicants can log in to the online point registration system to view the review results of all points indicators. Those who have objections can submit an online appeal at this stage.

After the review result query phase is over, applicants who have objections to the review results of their annual points indicators will not be accepted.

  According to reports, in 2021, the list of people who intend to obtain the qualifications to settle down will be publicized on the Beijing Municipal Government’s "Window of the Capital" website from July 12th.

At that time, applicants can log in to the online point registration system to view their final annual points and rankings.

  Beijing started the declaration of points settled in 2018, according to the scale of 6000 people per year and implements the same points and the same point, and 2021 is no exception.

  In 2018, the minimum score corresponding to the points settled is 90.75 points. According to the principle of the same score, the actual public list is 6,019; the minimum score corresponding to 2019 is 93.58 points, and the actual public list is 6,007; the minimum score corresponding to 2020 The value is 97.13 points, and the actual public list has a total of 6032 people.

  The bureau emphasized that the Beijing points settlement work emphasizes honest declaration.

According to Article 17 of the "Beijing Municipal Points Settlement Operation Management Regulations", applicants who provide false materials will be disqualified from their points settling application qualifications in the current year and within 5 years; if they have obtained the permanent residence registration in Beijing, they will be cancelled by the public security department. And moved back to the former residence of Beijing.

For employers who assist in providing false materials, they will not be accepted for points settlement applications in the current year and for the next 5 years.

In the process of point settlement, if the applicant and the employer seriously violate the promise made to the administrative agency, the relevant untrustworthy record will be included in the Beijing Public Credit Information Service Platform.

Those suspected of crimes shall be transferred to judicial organs for handling in accordance with the law.