Recently, on a catwalk show in Shanghai, embroideries on exquisite fashion were stunning. These embroideries were made by Embroidery in Dongxiang Autonomous County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province. Dongxiang Autonomous County was once a deeply impoverished county and the only Yidongxiang nationality in the country. Minority autonomous counties as the main body.

Most Dongxiang women are good at embroidery craftsmanship, their embroidery is vivid and bold in color.

Once, due to the influence of traditional ideas, Dongxiang women could not get out of their homes. Although embroidery was one of their few pleasures, it failed to generate economic benefits.

  Nowadays, with the help and support of the government and enterprises, the "Genius Mother-Dream Workshop" has been established to sell household embroidery to the market as a commodity, and gradually develop into an embroidery industry.

Let more Dongxiang women become embroiderers and make money by receiving embroidery orders at home.

(Ai Qinglong's video comes from Country Garden Group)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】