, May 14th. According to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the 14th, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance recently issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Implementation of Agricultural Production Development and Other Projects in 2021". The notice pointed out that the purchase of agricultural machinery should be improved and optimized. Subsidies, to increase subsidies for weak links in grain production, special agricultural production in hilly and mountainous areas, as well as high-end, duplex, and intelligent agricultural machinery products that are urgently needed. In addition, the application of Beidou navigation intelligent terminals has been promoted.

Data map: The picture shows farmers driving agricultural machinery to carry out rice transplanting operations.

Photo by Liu Lixin

  The notice proposes to focus on improving the supply guarantee capacity of important agricultural products such as grain, focusing on "guaranteeing supply and solid safety and revitalizing the smooth cycle", firmly grasp the two key points of seed and arable land, and promote the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation results and the effective connection of rural revitalization, and solid progress Major policy reforms have been perfected, incremental arrangements have been made, and stocks have been optimized, so that the overall policy will remain stable, key tasks will be fully guaranteed, and major pilot projects will be effectively implemented, so as to promote high-quality agricultural development.

  In the policy arrangement, three orientations are highlighted: One is to focus on key areas.

Efforts will be made to support the improvement of the supply and guarantee capacity of important agricultural products such as grain, strengthen the basic support of modern agriculture, further promote the green development of agriculture, promote the integrated development of rural industries, and accelerate the improvement of the shortcomings of agricultural development.

The second is to strengthen overall planning and integration.

Further optimize the funding task arrangement, concentrate efforts on major tasks, improve the efficiency of fund use, and form a joint policy and coordinated advancement.

The third is to innovate investment methods.

Improve the management method of "big special project + task list", strengthen the project and fund arrangement mechanism based on the application of performance evaluation results, and promote the strengthening of investment and the formation of a joint force of investment.

  The notice also proposed five key tasks including supporting the development and growth of characteristic rural industries in poverty alleviated areas and ensuring the effective supply of important agricultural products such as grain. The details are as follows:

Support the development and growth of rural characteristic industries in poverty alleviated areas.

Implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on achieving an effective connection between the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements and rural revitalization, and focus on supporting poverty alleviation areas to develop and strengthen rural characteristic industries, and improve market competitiveness and anti-risk capabilities.

Strengthen support measures for the entire industry chain, improve the support guarantees and facilities for industrial development, support the cultivation and growth of new business entities, and promote endogenous and sustainable development of the industry.

Related funding projects continue to tilt towards poverty alleviation counties.

Ensure the effective supply of grain and other important agricultural products.

In-depth implementation of the strategy of “hiding grain in the ground and storing grain in technology”, increase policy support for grain production, consolidate the double-season rice area in the south, expand corn and stabilize soybeans, and focus on monitoring and controlling major crop diseases and insect pests.

Closely grasp the two key points of seed and cultivated land, strengthen the protection and utilization of germplasm resources, and promote the protection and improvement of cultivated land fertility.

Maintain the stable development of live pig and other livestock and poultry production, and strengthen the prevention and control of major animal diseases.

Develop high-quality forage production and increase support for cattle and sheep production.

Improve the quality and safety of agricultural products and increase the supply of green and high-quality agricultural products.

Strengthen the construction of modern agricultural facilities and equipment.

Improve and optimize agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, and increase subsidies for weak links in grain production, and urgently needed machinery and high-end, duplex, and smart agricultural machinery products for agricultural production in hilly and mountainous areas.

Promote the application of Beidou navigation intelligent terminals.

Accelerate the construction of refrigerated and fresh-keeping facilities in agricultural production areas, carry out pilot projects for the entire county, and promote the solution of the "first kilometer" problem of the circulation of fresh agricultural products from the village to the city.

Vigorously promote the integrated development of the agricultural industry.

Coordinate the overall layout and construction of a number of national modern agricultural industrial parks, industrial clusters with advantageous characteristics and strong agricultural industrial towns, accelerate the promotion of varieties, quality improvement, brand building and standardized production, and overall improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the industrial chain.

Promote the high-quality development of family farms and farmer cooperatives, cultivate high-quality farmers, improve the agricultural socialized service system, and support and drive the development of small farmers.

Promote the green development of agriculture.

Deepen the implementation of the reform of the agricultural subsidy system guided by green ecology, and earnestly protect arable land, grassland and aquatic biological resources.

Promote the innovation of agricultural green development systems and mechanisms.

Stably implement the subsidy policy for arable land protection.

Continue to implement cultivated land rotation and fallow.

Expand the area of ​​conservation tillage on black soil in Northeast China, and develop conservation and utilization of black soil in Northeast China.

Strengthen the management of the agricultural ecological environment, promote the reduction of fertilizers and pesticides and increase the efficiency, the return of livestock and poultry manure to the field, and the development of green planting and breeding cycle agriculture.