The American airline Delta Airlines is only hiring staff who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, CEO Ed Bastian reports to


on Friday


The obligation does not apply to current staff, although employees are encouraged to also get an injection.

“Everyone who comes to work at Delta in the future will be obliged to vaccinate,” says Bastian.

In addition, he wants to "strongly encourage" the 75,000 employees who are already employed to also get vaccinated.

Employees who do not may be subject to restrictions such as no longer being allowed to work on international flights.

The company reports that about 60 percent of the staff has already had at least one injection.

Probably a total of 80 percent will be vaccinated, the CEO expects.

Another airline, American Airlines, previously decided to give employees who have been vaccinated an extra day off next year.

The CEO of United Airlines, the third major US airline, said in January that he would like all employees to be vaccinated.

It has not yet come to an obligation for both.

Recently it also became clear that online shopping giant Amazon wants to encourage its staff to get a shot.

However, the company is not taking the step to make it mandatory.