JR West said that it is not expected to continue to recover railway use due to the influence of the new corona, and will extend the "temporary return" that started in February until the end of this month, which allows some employees to take a rest, until the end of next month. Announced.

The period will be 5 months.

JR West has been taking a "temporary leave" since February, saying that the number of railway passengers has decreased significantly due to the impact of the new Corona and the amount of work has decreased.

Currently, of the 27,000 target employees, about 1,300 per day are supposed to be rested until the end of this month, but the third emergency declaration has been extended in Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo, and railways. We decided to continue the temporary leave until the end of June because we cannot expect the recovery of usage to continue.

The scale is 1,100 people per day, and from June, about 200 employees will be seconded to companies outside the group such as restaurants and hotels.

The temporary leave has been going on since February and will last for five months.

The salaries of employees who are absent will be paid in full by utilizing the national employment adjustment subsidy.

JR West is in a difficult business situation, with the final profit and loss of the entire group last year reaching a record high of 233.2 billion yen.