The Dutch State will vote against the bonus of 2 million euros from CEO Ben Smith of Air France-KLM.

This is what outgoing Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra writes in a letter to Parliament on Monday.

According to Hoekstra, in a crisis there is "no place for awarding and paying out bonuses" at companies that have to be kept afloat with state aid.

Hoekstra writes that his officials have already been in contact with the airline about the bonus.

After the publication of the annual report, they expressed their objections about the bonus.

Hoekstra himself has also informed the company that he is not in favor of the bonus.

The minister believes that state aid given to KLM should primarily benefit the airline, because KLM is very important for the intercontinental destination network at Schiphol.

"This network is of great importance for the Dutch economy and employment," he writes.

In April it became clear that Smith had been promised a stock bonus of 2 million euros, on top of his fixed salary. The shareholders still have to agree to the bonus and the CEO must meet a number of conditions before being paid out. The reward is linked to long-term goals and Smith will not receive the bonus until the airline has repaid three-quarters of his state aid.