Shionogi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a major pharmaceutical company headquartered in Osaka, has announced that it has begun development of a new coronavirus vaccine that is being developed in response to mutant viruses.

"Shionogi Pharmaceutical" is developing a vaccine for the new coronavirus.

It is a type called "genetically modified protein vaccine", and only a part of the protein of the virus is artificially made and administered to produce antibodies in the body.

Last December, we started clinical trials of the new corona vaccine.

Shionogi President Isao Teshiroki revealed at a press conference held on the 10th that he has also started developing a vaccine against the rapidly expanding mutant virus.

At the press conference, President Teshiroki said, "We are doing the initial work of culturing the protein that is the basis of the vaccine based on the genetic information of the mutant strain."

In the future, the company wants to investigate how to immunize against the mutant virus and proceed with verification of its effectiveness.

President Teshirogi emphasized the importance of developing vaccines by Japanese companies, saying, "If a mutant strain unique to Japan emerges in the future, it will be difficult if there is no vaccine manufacturer that can handle it in Japan."