(First Consumer Fair) Interview with Coach China President: Will strive to bring China's original design power to the international stage

  China News Service, Haikou, May 10 (Reporter Xia Bin) “The rapid recovery and development of the Chinese market has accelerated the recovery of the global industry, which is very exciting.” President of Tapestry Asia Pacific, President and CEO of Coach China Yang Baoyan (Yann Bozec) said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency at the first Consumer Expo recently.

  With the sudden outbreak of the new crown in 2020, the Tapestry Group closed 90% of its global regional market stores in the first quarter of that year, which put pressure on the company's performance, but now there is good news.

  According to the latest data, from January to March 2021, Tapestry Group’s performance exceeded expectations. Sales in the Mainland China market increased by 40% and 175% year-on-year in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Yang Baoyan commented on this: “Business in digitalization and the Chinese market Under the leadership, the group has achieved strong sales growth, and the Chinese market has become an important force driving the group's global market growth."

  How to overcome the epidemic?

In addition to the help of the Chinese market, Yang Baoyan also mentioned that the rapid development of digitalization has contributed to the strong growth of the e-commerce market, and it has also brought more opportunities for companies and brands to communicate closely with consumers during the epidemic, including short videos and live broadcasts. These are all important measures for its deployment of digital platforms.

  In Yang Baoyan's mind, China is not only a vital market, but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for brands to seek breakthroughs and innovations.

"Deeply cultivating China's fashion industry for many years, has been actively deepening cooperation with local artistic talents, and looking forward to further encouraging and supporting youth innovation to empower'Chinese Design'."

  Looking to the future, Yang Baoyan said that Coach will continue to unleash its brand potential and continue to seek linkages with Chinese design forces. While bringing a diversified and cutting-edge consumer experience, it is also committed to bringing Chinese original design forces to the international stage and making diversified The charm of the national tide shines in the world and leads the international fashion.

  With the innovation and upgrading of China's consumer market, new consumption growth points are constantly emerging.

Yang Baoyan said that China’s young consumer groups have a high degree of sensitivity to fashion, and their preferences and needs are very diverse. While focusing on personalized expression, they have become more aware of brand connotation, product quality, green consumption and sustainability. High expectations and requirements.

  "We attach great importance to such insights and incorporate these insights into the design." Yang Baoyan said.

  When talking about future investment in China, Yang Baoyan first mentioned Hainan.

He believes that as the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port continues to deepen, more and more consumers are attracted to Hainan for tourism and shopping, which further promotes the quality and upgrade of tourism consumption, and brings new opportunities to the tourism consumption industry in Hainan and China. Momentum has also brought new opportunities for the Group's layout and development in Hainan and China, encouraging it to further increase the Hainan market.

  "We see an important trend in China. The consumption power of emerging middle-income groups is bringing huge momentum to the market. The development of second-, third- and fourth-tier cities is becoming more and more rapid, with huge potential, and the prosperity and vitality of its consumer market is even more so. We are full of expectations." Yang Baoyan said that it will also further expand its investment in the Chinese regional market in order to achieve greater expansion.