According to the changed law, domestic cryptocurrency exchanges must receive an account that can confirm their real name from the bank by September this year to continue their business. This means that you have to pass the strict screening of commercial banks, but the more types of cryptocurrency they handle, the more difficult it can be.

Reporter Lim Tae-woo covered this.

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the specific financial transaction information law changed to oblige cryptocurrency exchanges to prevent money laundering, exchanges are likely to be expelled if they do not cooperate with banks with real-name customers accounts by September.

Out of about 230 exchanges, only 4 are currently operating with real-name accounts.

Recently, the Federation of Banks has prepared guidelines for verifying exchanges to determine whether or not to partner with real-name accounts, and it has been confirmed that the number of virtual currencies handled is included in the main items.

The more types of currency handled, the higher the risk, such as money laundering, which is disadvantageous to alliances.

In addition to the total number of currencies, we look at whether the currencies handled are listed on multiple exchanges or are only available on a specific exchange.

[Bank Federation official: What is the nature of the virtual asset being traded? Whether or not it is a commonly used virtual asset is also an important factor.] In a

situation where the proportion of domestic altcoin transactions is over 90%, if exchanges organize altcoins in order to cooperate with banks, it can lead to massive investment loss.

[Lee Byung-Tae/Kaist Business School Professor: If the banks don't connect (exchanges), they're just giving up, right? There are more voice transactions, and if this happens, you will be exposed to more risky transactions.] Even

the four major exchanges that have already signed a real-name account alliance have to re-contract with the bank at the end of September, but the strict verification standards are unsafe.

(Video editing: Park Jin-hoon) 

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