[Explanation] On May 10th, the 2021 "China Brand Day" event with the theme of "Chinese Brands, Shared by the World" kicked off at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

  As the key exhibition section of "China Brand Day", the Shanghai exhibition area has the theme of "Good Application", with a total of 67 brands participating in the exhibition, of which 28 are offline.

  When reporters walked into the Shanghai exhibition area, they felt not only the excellent quality left by the Shanghai brand in the wave of the times, but also the new vitality of the brand and the city in the context of digital transformation.

  The next generation of ultra-high-definition video technology is changing the city.

The billion-level pixel cloud camera of Shanghai Fukan Technology can realize high-definition monitoring in large scenes. It is used in observation, monitoring, and smart airport construction, providing strong support for smart cities, smart construction sites, and smart management, and promoting the digitalization of state grid infrastructure Transformation.

  [Concurrent] Tong Yue, CEO of Shanghai Fukan Technology Co., Ltd.

  In terms of the video resolution of this human eye, our (human eye) is generally between tens of millions to 300 million (pixels). The civilian products we have now mass-produced have reached the 1 billion level, so we For the previous product, we included 40 lenses in a single product. In fact, the mutual cooperation of each lens is not a 1+1 relationship, but a multiplication relationship.

In the entire urban governance process, for example, in our entire picture, the distance is about 4 kilometers to 5 kilometers. There is a series of identification of vehicles, people, etc., then it can give the city The "brain" provides one of the most basic intelligent data.

  [Explanation] What's more valuable is that Fukan Technology's billion-level pixel cloud camera technology has completely independent intellectual property rights, from chips to lenses that are all localized.

  In another booth, the MR smart glasses brought by Yingchuang Technology also attracted everyone's attention.

Using 5G+MR technology, people can instantly feel the perfect combination of virtual and real world.

  [Concurrent] Lv Yunxia, ​​staff of Yingchuang Technology

  Our MR glasses can be used in some scenes, such as education, cultural tourism, exhibitions, sports competitions, and industry.

We have a (course) in Jianping Middle School that uses our glasses. At the same time, the teacher can create a room, and then our classmates can enter the same room for learning, such as physics experiments on magnetic fields, and courses like geography. We can all perform a demonstration on the end of the glasses.

  [Explanation] In addition, in the smart health scene, products such as minimally invasive medical technology and smart bionic hands have also broken the stereotype that high-tech medical products are European and American.

Let everyone be full of imagination and expectations for the future of health and medical care.

  SAIC relies on the concept of "digital + travel" and redefines cars with software.

Shanghai Electric Group takes "digital + governance" as the theme to show the results of "green environmental protection + smart interconnection + smart operation and maintenance"... Behind the innovation and digital transformation, it is actually implemented in all aspects of the people's daily life to empower a better life .

  It is reported that the 2021 "China Brand Day" event will continue to be held in Shanghai until May 12 for a period of three days.

  Reporter Xu Yin Kang Yuzhan reports from Shanghai

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】