International luxury goods giants have leaned down to get close to the Chinese market.

At the first China International Consumer Goods Expo, they constantly emphasized the need to strengthen cooperation with China and understand the "Chinese taste", especially the preferences of young people.

  Wu Yue, president of LVMH Group Greater China, hopes to "grow up with the iterative Chinese consumers." He said that Chinese consumers are getting younger and younger, and products in the Chinese market are becoming more and more fashionable. Participating in the Consumer Expo is In a gesture, LVMH is "full of hope for the opening of Hainan and the prospects of the Chinese market."

  Ye Hongmu, CEO of L’Oréal Group, is an “old friend” of China. Every time he comes to China, he is “always shocked by the speed of changes in China’s north-south rivers”. He said that L’Oréal must seek huge opportunities in the Chinese market on the way to the future. Development momentum is considered to be "one of the top priorities in the next few years."

  On the first day of the Consumer Fair, Macallan, a single malt whisky brand under the Eddington Wine Group, signed a cooperation order with a company in Shenzhen for more than 100 million yuan.

The person in charge of McAllen Shanghai said that this is opening the door to a long-term joint cooperation model.

  Due to the continuous impact of the new crown epidemic and the continuous escalation of consumption in China, many things have changed in the past two years. China's huge domestic market and consumption potential have attracted more and more attention from the world.

This consumer expo attracted 2,628 domestic and foreign brands to participate in the exhibition, including 1,365 international brands from 69 countries and regions.

  A professional audience visited the venues of the Consumer Fair on the first day. During the period, she was asked by several exhibitors how she felt.

"In my impression, these brands used to be relatively'high-cold'", she said, but she did not expect that they would now consider the preferences of an ordinary consumer of mine.

Introduce yourself to China

  Swiss ambassador to China Luo Zhiyi brought 40 well-known Swiss enterprises in the field of luxury goods and high-end consumer goods to the Expo.

On the first day of the launch, he couldn't wait to meet with the public, "I want to introduce Switzerland to Chinese consumers," he said, so that he can get closer to consumers.

  Luo Zhiyi has been carefully observing China in the past two years.

Before staying in China in 2019, he had a vague impression of China. He only knew that it was a big country that "has been an international activist in all fields for a long time."

But after he really understands it, he feels that China is a place where "you will be shocked by its development."

  Switzerland is the only country of honor at the first consumer expo.

Luo Zhiyi said that it is a great honour for Switzerland to be the country of honor for the first Consumer Expo.

  The ambassador detailed the friendship between Switzerland and China: Switzerland was one of the first Western countries to establish diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China and develop cooperation with China; in 2007, Switzerland was the first European country to recognize China’s full market economy status; 2013 In 2015, the two countries signed a free trade agreement, which was the first bilateral free trade agreement signed between China and the European countries and the top 20 countries in the world economy...

  "I want to tell you that the exchanges between Switzerland and China have a long history." He said that now there are more than 1,000 Swiss companies developing in China. Knowing that the Consumer Expo will be held, everyone's response has been very enthusiastic.

"The Consumer Fair has brought new opportunities, new opportunities for consumer goods and luxury goods, and Switzerland is precisely the leader in this field."

  In 2019, China's total retail sales of consumer goods has exceeded RMB 40 trillion, and will soon surpass the United States to become the world's largest consumer goods retail market.

At the same time, the number of middle-income groups in China has reached more than 400 million, and the per capita GDP has exceeded 10,000 U.S. dollars. The people's demand for mid-to-high-end and diversified consumption continues to expand.

  This makes the "China Opportunity" more worth looking forward to.

Lu Huaang, the general agent of French brand DANIEL HECHTER in Greater China, believes that the current exploding consumer vitality in China has shown that more and more Chinese consumers are demanding international fashion products, and even affect the development of global fashion trends.

"This is a good time for the French high-end apparel industry to enter the Chinese market and cultivate the Chinese market."

  In the new geographic structure of the L'Oréal Group, Shanghai, China has been upgraded to the group's North Asia headquarters.

Ye Hongmu said, we see that China has reached the top of the wave in beauty and technology, whether it is for Asia or the world.

  The outside world is optimistic about the Consumer Fair, but also optimistic about the large Chinese market with 1.4 billion people behind it.

Many international big names are eagerly eager to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Consumer Fair to further explore the Chinese market. Among them, Hu Guoran, head of Faberge Greater China, said that the Chinese market is a must for our future. .

Stay close to young people

  The first consumer expo focused on "high-tech, new, high-quality and special" consumer products. It was the country's first national-level exhibition with consumer products as the theme, and it was also "the largest consumer expo in the Asia-Pacific region."

  Many exhibitors are attracted by "consumer boutique".

With the advancement of supply-side reforms, the tide of consumption upgrades is constantly surging.

  L'Oréal has been in China for 24 years and Ye Hongmu feels that Chinese consumers' desire and understanding of beauty are escalating.

In an interview with a reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily, Fei Borui, the North Asia president and China CEO of this beauty group, said that nowadays Chinese consumers have very high expectations for consumption. They not only expect high-quality and high-quality products. Efficient products, but also look forward to expressing their own personality, reflecting the relationship with the surrounding world.

  He said that the L'Oréal team has observed a phenomenon of consumption backflow. Today, the high-quality development of the Chinese consumer market, especially the beauty market, is not just because people can’t get out, but now the entire consumer market and the beauty market in China continue to pass the high-quality market. Quality products and services inspire Chinese consumers, "This requires companies and products to change."

  Robert Bookbauer, Global CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swarovski Group, said that China’s young and vibrant consumer market, especially the growing consumption power of “millennials” and “Generation Z”, has given the group a strong interest in future development. Full of confidence.

Swarovski wants to be close to young people, because this is the future.

  In Luo Zhiyi's view, in recent years, the trend of China's consumption upgrade is very obvious, and there are some new changes. In the past, 70% of luxury goods purchases in China were completed overseas. As the process of building a new development pattern accelerates, Everyone turned their attention to the domestic market, so we need to be closer to Chinese consumers."

  Why choose Hainan?

Switzerland values ​​the future of the Hainan Free Trade Port and the vast Chinese market represented behind Hainan.

Luo Zhiyi said that the Consumer Fair is not just a trade fair, although it is very important.

"We are fully aware that the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port is a comprehensive vision. In the long run, it is also to attract more and more companies to come here."

  In the past two years, some Swiss companies have established joint ventures in Hainan.

"This is a good start." Luo Zhiyi believes that the Consumer Expo can bring new opportunities to Switzerland, and Hainan can bring new opportunities to Switzerland. "Joint ventures and cooperation are not limited to tax-free shopping. We are in many aspects such as education and tourism. All are interested in cooperating."

  Aurele Meyer, a beer manufacturer in Appenzell, Switzerland, said that he hopes to learn more about the Chinese market and Chinese customers through the meeting, and also hopes that they can taste their own products, give their opinions on the products, and see which products. Meet the tastes of Chinese consumers.

  According to the Swiss staff, Appenzell's beer manufacturers have decided to speed up the development of the Chinese market.

Meyer said that through close contact with customers at the Consumer Fair, providing tasting services, and directly obtaining consumer feedback are an important prerequisite for opening up the Chinese market, because "Chinese taste is very important."

  China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Zhang Junbin