Shanxi old vinegar, Anhui rice paper, Tianjin twist, Guizhou embroidery... On May 7, at the first China International Consumer Goods Fair, specialty products from all over the country appeared one after another, competing with specialty products from all over the world, becoming a consumer expo There will be a beautiful scenery.

  Yang Xiufen, a Miao grandmother from the deep mountains of Guizhou, came to Hainan for the first time. She has been embroidering for decades and showcased Miao embroidery to everyone at international exhibitions.

"I have embroidered for most of my life, and I didn't expect to come to such a far place to embroider for others to see." Yang Xiufen said.

  Yang Xiufen's exquisite embroidery skills attracted many visitors to stop and watch.

Ding Qiao, the regional manager of the Guaxin National Costume Company in Kaili City, Guizhou, said: "I hope that the Consumer Expo will further expand the influence of Guizhou's specialty products and let more people fall in love with Miao embroidery.

  At the Consumer Fair, China Rice Paper Co., Ltd. brought more than 20 types of rice paper products.

"The Consumer Fair provides a big stage for traditional crafts," said Jin Siping, a salesperson.

  More than 40 companies from Yunnan Province came to the exhibition.

Among them, Yunnan Jiuxiang Flowers Biotechnology Company is an edible flower enterprise.

The general manager of the company, Hu Shen, said that this time the consumer expo wants to showcase products, but also hopes to use the consumer expo to deepen the connection with the tourism industry in Hainan, so that clouds and flowers will float to Hainan Island.

  "The exhibition of Yunyao, Yuncha, Yunhua, Yunguo, Yuncai and other series of products exhibited the Yunnan health brand and green brand. I hope that more domestic and foreign merchants will invest in Yunnan." Bai Ru, a staff member of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce The introduction said.

  In addition to traditional specialty brands, a large number of fashion boutiques have also attracted the attention of the audience.

  In the Shanghai exhibition area, Zhang Jiyue, the commercial manager of Shanghai Jiushi Sports Company, was extremely busy. There were two e-sports equipment lined up in the exhibition area. Many audiences wanted to experience the fun of e-sports.

  In addition to bringing the latest flagship products, iFlytek has also reached a strategic contract with the Hainan International Economic Development Bureau to promote the implementation of the vision and goals of comprehensively improving the cross-language and multilingual service capabilities of the Hainan Free Trade Port through information sharing and business innovation.

(Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Pan Shipeng)