(The First Consumer Fair) "Explore Pavilion" Consumer Fair: How to "buy, buy, buy" with digital RMB?

  China News Agency, Haikou, May 9th (Reporter Xia Bin) In the first Consumer Expo Pavilion held in Haikou, the words digital RMB frequently appeared, some appeared in the experience area of ​​the bank, some appeared in the duty-free shop, and Some appeared in the catering service area.

  What kind of experience is it like to "buy, buy, buy" with digital renminbi in the exhibition hall?

The reporter came to the digital renminbi experience activity area set up by the Bank of China. After applying for a new bank card and downloading the bank app, with the help of Bank of China staff, the digital renminbi wallet was successfully opened in the app. Enter the password and tap In just one or two seconds, the money in the bank account was transferred to the digital RMB wallet.

  You can start spending after "recharging" the digital renminbi wallet.

In front of a vending machine, the reporter selected a bottle of mineral water. Similar to other third-party payment platforms, the payment can be completed by using the "scanning" function in the digital renminbi wallet, and the goods can be obtained smoothly.

  Digital renminbi wallets also have their own unique features. Different from third-party payment platforms, digital renminbi wallets can realize payments even in a dual offline state.

  What is "dual offline"?

The relevant person in charge of Bank of China told reporters that "dual offline" means that payment services can be realized even when the media and acceptance terminals are offline. To put it simply, both mobile phones and POS machines have closed the network, and merchants can still use digital Renminbi wallet to collect money.

  The reporter then went to the Hailv Duty Free Shop in Hall 5 to buy a piece of agarwood soap. After turning on the mobile phone in flight mode and closing the POS machine network, the mobile phone with the digital RMB wallet was attached to the POS machine and waited. After a few seconds, the payment was completed.

  This means that, compared to third-party payment platforms, digital RMB wallets are closer to real wallets, and people can enjoy the convenience brought by new technologies even if they "off-line" from the online world.