Suzuki, an automobile manufacturer whose main market is India, whose main market is India, whose medical oxygen deficiency is becoming more serious due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, will produce at its local factory until the 9th due to measures to convert industrial oxygen to medical use. However, we have decided to extend the suspension period by one week because the situation has not improved.

Suzuki has three factories in its main market, India, but in India, the spread of the new coronavirus infection has caused a serious shortage of oxygen for medical use, so measures to reduce the production of industrial oxygen and turn it into medical use. However, Suzuki's local business partners are in a situation where they can hardly make parts due to lack of oxygen used for welding parts.

To cope with this situation, Suzuki had suspended all production at its three plants in India until the 9th of this month, but said that the situation has not improved, the suspension period will be until the 16th of this month. It will be extended for a week.

Suzuki intends to resume production while responding to the local supply of medical oxygen and the actual conditions of its business partners.