New consumer highlights reflect China's big market (talking today)

  In the past May 1st holiday, a series of dazzling consumption data made people excited: 230 million domestic tourist trips, an increase of 119.7% year-on-year; movie box office reached 1.668 billion yuan, and the total number of movie viewers exceeded 44.1 million; postal express The volume of express parcels in the industry is close to 2.6 billion, maintaining a high level and orderly operation. The fiery enthusiasm for consumption and the strong upward momentum show China's vigorous economic vitality and reflect China's vast consumer market.

  What surprises people is not only the intuitive data, but also the structural and trending changes behind the data.

Tourists pay more attention to travel quality, customization and miniaturization are becoming the mainstream; online retail is booming, providing consumers with more choices; consumption highlights in various regions continue to release market vitality... from physical consumption to service consumption, from traditional consumption to traditional consumption. Emerging consumption, the consumer demand of the masses is increasingly individualized and diversified.

This not only echoes the people's needs for a better life, but also continues to expand the consumer market.

  The Chinese market is an opportunity for the world.

From the Canton Fair to the Service and Trade Fair, from the China International Import Expo to the Consumer Fair, the holding of grand events, reflects China's sincere desire to share market opportunities with the world and promote the recovery of the world economy.

Based on the new stage of development, China's market potential will continue to be stimulated, and it will also provide countries with broader market opportunities and inject more impetus into the recovery and growth of the world economy.