(First Consumer Expo) Ambassadors of many countries to China praised the Expo: Shocking scale, unlimited opportunities, and promising future

  China News Service, Haikou, May 9th. Title: Multinational ambassadors to China praised the Consumer Expo: Shocking scale and unlimited opportunities in the future

  China News Agency reporter Chen Su

  The first China International Consumer Goods Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Fair) is currently being held in Haikou City, Hainan Province, attended by many ambassadors to China.

In the eyes of the ambassador, what is the significance of holding a consumer expo in China?

What is the future of the Chinese market?

During the Consumer Expo, a number of ambassadors were interviewed by reporters and told about the Consumer Expo and the Chinese market in their eyes.

The first consumer expo "shocks in scale"

  UAE ambassador to China Ali Zahiri told China News Agency that although the Expo was held for the first time, its scale and attendance rate were impressive. Nearly 70 countries and regions participated in the Expo. It is expected that this will be the Asia-Pacific region. The largest high-end consumer goods expo.

"I witnessed a lot of consumer products with innovative technologies and green life concepts at the Consumer Expo, which showed the world the vitality and potential of the Chinese market. UAE companies cherish the opportunity to participate in this exhibition and look forward to more UAE brands entering China."

  It is understood that this consumer expo has attracted more than 1,500 companies to participate in the exhibition, with a total exhibition area of ​​80,000 square meters, including 60,000 square meters of international exhibition area, more than 600 exhibitors and more than 1,300 exhibiting brands.

  Switzerland is the guest of honor at the first Consumer Expo. Swiss Ambassador to China Luo Zhiyi said that this time Switzerland has brought about 40 well-known companies in the luxury and high-end consumer goods sectors, many of which are entering China for the first time.

  The ambassadors said that at present, the global epidemic is still continuing, and the global economy and consumption have not yet emerged from the haze. At this moment, China's hosting of the Consumer Expo is of special significance. China's recovery is becoming a powerful booster for the world economy.

  "While the epidemic is still spreading, the Consumer Expo has created a rare opportunity to introduce many high-quality Irish brands to Chinese consumers, and hope that this platform can allow more Irish companies to enter China." Irish Ambassador to China Andaven said.

"Infinite Opportunities" in the Chinese Market

  In recent years, China has continued to open its doors. During the two sessions in 2021, the Chinese government once again made a high-level commitment to opening up to the world. Opening to the outside world, relying on the advantages of China's large market, promote international cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

  Regarding the future of the Chinese market, the ambassadors expressed their optimism and expectations.

  Luo Zhiyi said that the trend of consumption upgrading in China is very obvious. In the past, 70% of luxury goods purchases in China were completed overseas. Switzerland plays a key role in the international luxury goods industry. In the future, more Swiss companies will benefit from China’s opening up. .

  Ali Zahiri said that the current trade volume between the UAE and China reached 48 billion U.S. dollars. Last year, the two heads of state expressed their hope to expand the bilateral trade to 200 billion U.S. dollars by 2030.

The UAE has always valued and prioritized cooperation with China. The UAE is the first group of countries to join the “Belt and Road” initiative.

In the future, the UAE and China will continue to expand the areas of cooperation and use the “Belt and Road” as a key platform to promote common prosperity.

  Andavin said that China has always been Ireland's largest trading partner in Asia. Despite the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Ireland and China still maintain a very strong trade relationship. In 2020, the scale of trade in goods between the two sides has increased by 18% compared to 2019. .

China is a very large market. Ireland attaches great importance to the Chinese market. In the future, it hopes to further promote trade and cultural exchanges between the two countries, and especially hope that tourism between the two countries can be restored after the epidemic.

Hainan Free Trade Port "The Future Can Be Expected"

  Currently, Hainan, where the Consumer Expo is held, is promoting the construction of a free trade port. The ambassadors believe that the policy dividends, excellent facilities and sales channels of the Hainan Free Trade Port are very attractive and will become an important window for global commodities to enter China. period.

  Ali Zahiri said that since 2020, the Chinese government has implemented a comprehensive and multi-faceted plan for Hainan. The establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Port is very beneficial to China and the regional economy. For the UAE and UAE companies, Hainan has a foundation Innovations in facilities, policies, business environment and ecological environment are very attractive. "We look forward to Hainan becoming an important window for business and exchanges between the two countries."

  Luo Zhiyi expressed support for the free trade policy. He said that the duty-free shopping policy on Hainan's outlying islands is more conducive to the sales of Swiss products.

As the construction of the free trade port progresses, in the long run, more Swiss commodities will enter the Chinese market through Hainan.

  "The Hainan Free Trade Port is a very good opportunity for Ireland. I hope to develop more economic and trade cooperation with China through the Free Trade Port." Anderwin said.