From the morning of the 10th, NTT and major mobile phone companies will limit outgoing and incoming calls to local governments that will start making telephone reservations for the new coronavirus vaccination.

This is to prevent other telephones from becoming difficult to connect due to increased traffic.

Many local governments will start making phone reservations for vaccination from the 10th, but NTT East and West have decided to take measures to avoid the increase in traffic and the difficulty of connecting to other phones.

Specifically, from the morning of the 10th, about 200 local governments nationwide will limit incoming calls to phone numbers that accept reservations, and when calls are concentrated, a voice guidance saying "the phone is busy" will be played. I have decided.

The aim is to reduce the number of "busy" calls and prevent a sudden increase in traffic, which does not make it difficult to connect to local governments.

In addition, major mobile phone companies have also announced that they will limit calls to the reserved phone numbers from the morning of the 10th.

NTT and major mobile phone companies are calling for people to call back later when it is difficult to make a reservation call, or to consider making a reservation on the Internet.

On the 6th of this month, NTT East restricted incoming calls to landlines in Tokyo due to the increase in traffic, making it difficult to connect to the phone temporarily.