Look at consumption upgrade from "buy, buy, buy"

【Special attention·China International Consumer Goods Fair】

One exhibition gathers the world, one exhibition sees the future.

At the first Consumer Expo, more than 2500 global brands gathered together and hundreds of new products were unveiled.

Walking in the Consumer Expo will be able to grasp the pulse of new consumption, new trends, and perceive the strong pulse of China's expansion of domestic demand and consumption upgrades.

New consumer experience of "high, new, excellent, special"

  Hall 5, where the fashion lifestyle exhibition area is located, is one of the most lively exhibition halls at the first consumer expo, bringing together more than 160 world-renowned brands such as skin care, cosmetics, watches, and jewelry.

  3D printed watches, smart AR trial mirrors, digital currency payment... Exhibitors showed their magic and brought visitors an immersive consumption experience.

  In the Swiss National Pavilion, the well-known watch group Swatch has brought personalized watch customization services, and audiences can choose their favorite watch patterns online for 3D printing.

As the only guest country of the Consumer Fair, a total of 26 companies from Switzerland participated in the exhibition with 34 brands, involving watches, food and beverages, household appliances and other fields.

The abundance of exhibits and interesting experiences have made the Swiss National Pavilion become a "net celebrity pavilion", and the pavilion is full of popularity.

  "Now, many Swiss companies are also actively embracing new retail formats in China." Mo Haiyan, Director of the Swiss Trade and Investment Office and Commercial Counselor of the Swiss Embassy in China, introduced that most of the Swiss brands participating in this exhibition have already entered Chinese e-commerce companies. On the platform, some high-end brands also cooperate with well-known anchors to carry out online live broadcast "carrying goods".

  At the L'Oreal booth in France, a smart makeup mirror surrounded many visitors.

With AR technology, consumers click on the screen to "try out" lipstick, eye shadow, and foundation, and choose the make-up that suits them.

L'Oréal North Asia President and Chief Executive Officer of China Fabre said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic has changed people's lives, but China's economy and consumption have shown strong resilience and vitality.

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people's consumer behavior has changed, and there is an increasing demand for higher quality, safer, healthier, more innovative and more sustainable products.

  There are many more interactive and immersive experiences like this in the first consumer expo.

In the residential life and service consumption exhibition area, the booth of Dell Technology Group is full of a sense of the future.

According to Zhou Bing, global vice president of Dell Technology Group, the Dell booth covers an area of ​​500 square meters. According to the different needs of users, it is divided into a game area, a creative area, a study and work area, and an entertainment VR experience area.

"This is the first time that Dell has concentrated on displaying consumer brand products on such a large scale. It hopes to use the first Consumer Expo, the largest consumer boutique exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, to bring visitors a new consumer experience of'high, new, excellent and special'. "

  “At this Consumer Expo site, many brands have built interactive experience consumer scenes. This is actually a major trend in the consumer industry in the future.” As one of the buyers of this Consumer Expo, Intime Department Store’s new retail live broadcast leader Wu Sichuan is very concerned about the new trends in this consumer expo.

He said that consumers' pursuit of a better life is an important factor in promoting industry upgrades and changes.

As a huge consumer market in China, many new behaviors, new trends and new models that redefine retail are being born here.

Grasp the diverse needs of the new generation of consumers

  As the new generation of consumers take over and become the main contributor to consumption, their consumption needs have become an important factor in determining consumption trends.

At the first Consumer Expo, making friends with young people and integrating products with young people's lives and social interactions has become a major trend among exhibitors.

  In the Beijing Pavilion, Yuanqi Forest showcased its "net celebrity" product sparkling water through a huge installation art, and many audiences stopped to take pictures and check in.

Why can an emerging company that has only been established for a few years stand out among thousands of companies and enter the venue together with a century-old Chinese brand?

Zong Hao, Vice President of Yuanqi Forest, introduced that in the era of "pursuing high quality", companies must not only control quality, but also innovate on product tastes under the premise of high quality, so that consumers can maintain expectations and freshness of the brand; In addition, good design is also one of the important reasons to impress young consumers.

  In the residential life and service consumption exhibition area, Omron unveiled its latest product series and MMC Health Convenience Store, a health-benefiting project.

The current risk of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still there. The new thermometer released this time has won the favor of many young people with its "black technology". Its biggest highlight is the use of high-precision sensors and decades of accumulated body temperature measurement formulas, which are the fastest The underarm temperature measurement can be completed in 15 seconds, with an accuracy error of only ±0.1°C.

MMC Health Convenience Store interacts with the on-site audience through one-stop physical examination project services. Health-preserving young people "soaking wolfberries in a thermos cup" can experience arteriosclerosis testing, lung function testing, fundus photography, oxygen therapy experience and other inspection projects here.

  As a promoter of innovative consumption models, JD.com will join hands with dozens of well-known domestic and foreign brands, including Nintendo, Epson, Asus, and Samsung, to participate in the Expo.

The JD booth with the theme of "Consumer Innovation Smart Chain Global" contains multiple exhibition areas such as "Smart Chain Time and Space", "Super Cool Player", "Ideal Life Home", "Exquisite Life", and "Lehas Pursuit".

There are not only a wealth of exhibits in the exhibition area, but also a number of smart technology applications that have brought a cool visual experience to the audience. There are long lines in front of the Nintendo experience stage, and everyone has come to experience the fun of the fitness ring.

  As one of the first foreign brands to enter China, the Austrian brand Swarovski attaches great importance to this exhibition.

Not only has it brought a brand new series of new products, the booth with the theme of "Golden Wonderland" has also become one of the most eye-catching booths at the Consumer Fair.

Sun Jue, managing director of Swarovski Crystal Business Greater China, said that starting from 2019, the Chinese market has become Swarovski's largest and most important market in the world.

"We have always been committed to innovation and hope to bring a new experience to the new generation of Chinese consumers. China's market potential is attractive to brands." Sun Jue said that in addition to launching products on traditional Chinese festivals, it strengthens the emotional relationship with consumers. Contact, Swarovski also attaches great importance to digital transformation and upgrading, creating omni-channel contacts and enhancing consumer experience.

  "A survey by Business Weekly in the United States found that the new generation of China is the least panicking and most confident generation." At the 2021 China New Consumption Development Forum, Zhang Yansheng, chief researcher of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said that the new generation of consumers has a clear Different consumer preferences, they pay more attention to diversification, diversity and subjective experience.

How to meet the needs of different age groups for a better life, only the Chinese brain is not enough, we need to use the brains of the whole world.

(Haikou, May 8th, our reporter Fang Quyun, Lin Ziou, Wang Xiaoying)