(The First Consumer Fair) Global Brands Look at Hainan: Fully Strive for a Beach in China's Consumer Paradise

  China News Service, Haikou, May 9th, title: Global brands look at Hainan: Make every effort to grab a beach in China’s consumer paradise

  China News Agency reporter Wang Ziqian

  As the "Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port" approaches the first anniversary of the release, the China International Consumer Goods Expo (referred to as the "Consumer Expo") was held in Haikou.

The exhibition allowed global enterprises to see the opportunity of the free trade port, and it has become a consensus to accelerate the access to the Hainan market.

  "We learned of Hainan's construction of a free trade port and the news of the Consumer Fair held in June last year, and did not hesitate to decide to participate. The Consumer Fair will give full play to its role as an example of market opening." Accepted by Kao Cosmetics Headquarters Junichi Tanaka In an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency, Hainan’s high-level opening-up policy will enhance its importance in the global consumer market.

  With the blessing of rich policies such as the new tax-free shopping policy on outlying islands, the Hainan Free Trade Port has accelerated the construction of a consumer paradise in China.

The report jointly released by KPMG China and Moody's Davit Report during the exhibition predicts that Hainan Duty Free will become the world's largest duty free market in the short term.

  How to use the Consumer Fair to strengthen the in-depth docking with Hainan’s outlying island tax exemption?

International duty-free giants have joined forces with new duty-free companies on the island to accelerate their deployment in the Hainan market.

  The reporter noticed that during the exhibition, the world's duty-free industry giant DUFRY and Haikong Global Boutique Duty-Free fully integrated the membership system and released the joint membership cards of the two companies.

DFS Group also signed an agreement with Shenzhen Duty Free Group to strengthen cooperation in Hainan.

  Tan Tianqi, vice president of strategy and business development of DFS Group, revealed in an interview with the media that the group plans to set up a Chinese headquarters in Hainan, making Hainan the largest and most important part of the company's global retail layout.

  The Hainan consumer market, driven by offshore island tax exemption, allows global companies to find business opportunities.

Mark Edwards, general manager of Diageo China, said that the active tourism consumption in Hainan will also bring about a huge alcohol market, bringing more complex needs and a more diverse consumer group, "I hope to see spirits The penetration of products from Hainan to the wider mass market may change the shape of China’s international spirits market."

  In the cosmetics field, international big-name companies are also accelerating their deployment in Hainan.

"Hainan will be an important gateway for Shiseido to reach and attract Chinese travel consumers." said Kentaro Fujiwara, President of Shiseido China. Shiseido has positioned the Hainan Free Trade Port as a new brand information release site. In addition to further participating in Hainan's outlying island tax-free field in the future, It will also actively invest in the development of cross-border cooperation.

  Junichi Tanaka also mentioned that in the future, Kao's high-end business segment plans to start with Hainan’s outlying island tax exemption in the post-epidemic era, and then expand its brand awareness through e-commerce and expansion of stores in key cities.

  In an interview, Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, said that Fosun will make good use of Hainan’s important position as the intersection of the domestic and international dual cycles, and further expand its overall health, tourism, fashion, international trade and other sectors, and use its global supply chain system to deepen and cooperate. Hainan’s cooperation.

  The fast-growing Hainan Free Trade Port is not only the target of consumer goods giants, but also the focus of attention of small and medium-sized enterprises.

  “As soon as the new product of deer oil was launched, duty-free companies came to negotiate.” Japanese Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Yang Dexin’s China Marketing Manager Xiao Jingxin called out, “Hainan is the best way to enter the Chinese market, and cooperation with duty-free shops may save a lot of money. The operating cost of the business."

  Overseas companies rushing to the free trade port are no longer satisfied with just bringing their products to the exhibition, and even moving their jobs to Hainan.

Tmall International and Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone officially launched the first "New World Factory", becoming the first innovative project of the Import Industry Chain of the Consumer Fair.

  Tan Chengzhe, chairman of Malaysia Zhengdian Bird's Nest, the first batch of companies to settle in, said that his products can enjoy free trade port policy preferences such as tariff reduction and exemption. "I have high hopes for Hainan. The next step may transfer 30%-40% of all production capacity to Hainan." (Finish)