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stock craze is blowing and you want to take an investment consultation, take a look at this news.

It's easy to find a channel for famous investment experts on KakaoTalk, but it was a fake, stolen by most people.

Reporter Jeong Seong-jin covered the situation.


Hong Chun-wook, who has been working as an investment expert for over 20 years and also running a YouTube channel, received an absurd contact from acquaintances a while ago.

[Chun-wook Hong/CEO of EAR Research: I received a very surprising phone call.

He was worried,'Have you ever been hacked?']

An investment channel of your own name that you have never created is opened on KakaoTalk.

In addition to Mr. Hong, KakaoTalk searches dozens of channels with the names of famous analysts belonging to securities companies, most of which are fake.

After recruiting investors by stealing the names of famous investment experts, they collect money in the name of deposits, etc., to inform them of investment information.

[Lee Kwang-soo / Researcher at Mirae Asset Securities: I was a little worried about'Who did (through a fake channel) damage?' Before you get an investment recommendation or recommendation, you need to verify that you are the real person.] The

problem is that anyone can easily create such a fake channel.

I opened a KakaoTalk channel under the name of an analyst, but the channel was created without any verification process and immediately appeared in the search box.

Kakao, who has to manage this, is in the position that it can restrict channel operation only when there is a'damage claim'.

[Hong Chun-wook/CEO of EAR Research: (Kakao) I asked for the channel to be deleted, but it was not erased well, and the erasing speed was slow... . Isn't it possible to verify that this person is the person (in Kakao)? .]

Even punishment is not easy.

Police officials said that it is not easy to apply business obstruction or defamation only by theft of an identity in a situation where no financial damage has occurred.

Eventually, a situation where a victim must occur, whether it is sanctions or punishment, has been received. In fact, there have been cases where 200 million won has been scammed through a fake channel.

Kakao's side announced later that it would come up with measures to strengthen the verification, but civic groups accused Kakao of being responsible for poor management and supervision.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, Video editing: So Ji-hye)