"Great Power


" Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade

   Our reporter Zhou Lei and Cui Guoqiang

  High-speed railways are swiftly moving, shields are digging through mountains, quay cranes are extremely powerful, and domestic computer computing power has doubled... The central enterprises are making every effort to build a "big power weapon" to equip China and go to the world.

  As the backbone of the national economy, the central SOEs thoroughly implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Jin Ping, "promoting the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, the transformation of Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands", and exerted technological innovation and accelerated transformation and upgrading.

Recently, the reporter went deep into China Railway Equipment, Hunan Great Wall, Zhenhua Heavy Industry, CRRC Changchun and other companies to investigate the "central enterprises" in accelerating the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

  Seize smart business opportunities

  Under the blue sky and white clouds, quayside container cranes of different colors stand majestically, forming a unique landscape of Changxing Island in the East China Sea.

  Container cranes are known as the "arm of global trade", and the quay crane products customized by different terminal operating companies are also colorful.

As a port machinery manufacturer with quay crane products maintaining the number one global market share for 23 consecutive years, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is close to "As long as there are container ports in the world, there must be crane operations produced by Zhenhua. "The goal.

Next, how to get to the next level?

  "System integration and general engineering contracting are one of the company's main businesses, including the world's fourth-generation fully automated terminal system." Shan Jianguo, vice president of Zhenhua Heavy Industry, introduced as the general system contractor of the Guangzhou Nansha Phase IV automated terminal project , Zhenhua Heavy Industry provides a complete set of automated loading and unloading systems and equipment, mainly including 12 automated quay cranes, 35 automated rail cranes, 70 intelligent guided vehicles (IGV) and other equipment, as well as terminal automation information and communication systems including TOS , Customized the world’s first “Guangzhou solution” of “single-trolley automated quay crane, intelligent guided vehicle IGV, horizontally arranged side loading and unloading of the yard, and fully automated port area” to create the first fully automated solution in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area pier.

  The reporter saw at Zhenhua Heavy Industry Changxing base that a row of orange cars was driving up and down, and the stand-alone no-load and heavy-load function tests were being carried out.

The intelligent guided vehicle developed by Zhenhua is equipped with multi-sensor fusion positioning technology such as satellite navigation and positioning, lidar SLAM, visual SLAM, etc., which can be transformed into a flexible "porter" and shuttle freely between the docks and yards.

  According to Fei Guo, chief engineer of Zhenhua Heavy Industry, the automated terminal using AGV previously needed to bury tens of thousands of magnetic nails to provide navigation and positioning and limit its travel route, while IGV uses unmanned driving technology to travel, which is more intelligent and flexible. .

At present, many old terminals need to be automated. The new technical route has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, and the market prospect is broad.

  Zhenhua Heavy Industry's exploration is the epitome of the equipment manufacturing industry's seizure of smart business opportunities.

In Changchun, Jilin Province, CRRC Changchun Rail Bus Co., Ltd. made every effort to build advanced products and made a major breakthrough in intelligent rail transit equipment.

  The train that gallops on the world's first intelligent high-speed rail Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed rail is the proud work of CRRC Changchun.

When the reporter walked into the driving cab of the CR400BF-C intelligent EMU train of Fuxing, he learned that the train has powerful automatic driving functions, automatic driving at the point, automatic operation of the section, automatic parking at the station, automatic opening of the door at stop... automatic speed control function The accuracy is within 2km/h, and the parking accuracy can be controlled within 0.5m.

  "The automatic driving of the CR400BF-C intelligent EMU does not purely drive according to the preset time and speed, but can simulate the thinking of the human driver according to the actual situation, and adjust the driving control at any time." Zhang Guoqin, senior engineer of CRRC Passenger Car , Smart high-speed rail can also provide smart services and smart operation and maintenance.

  Ten years of sharpening a sword.

China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "China Railway Equipment") has solved two major problems in the construction of a full-face hard rock tunnel boring machine (TBM) through joint research and developed an intelligent tunneling system.

"The system can turn the'black box' tunneling into'transparent' tunneling and'intelligent' tunneling." According to Wang Dujuan, deputy general manager of China Railway Equipment, in the Shandong Wendeng Pumped-storage Power Station project, the system's rock mass parameter prediction accuracy rate is average It is 88.9%, which is 30% higher than similar products.

  Power smart manufacturing

  China Great Wall Technology Group Co., Ltd. Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Base is an important production base for China Electronics Information Industry Group to build an independent security industry chain, with the ability to produce 2 million complete independent security computers per year.

  In the Hunan Great Wall Computer Intelligent Manufacturing Workshop, various intelligent control equipment and robotic arms are "playing the leading role".

On the production line, the red, white, and black robotic arms are dexterously twisted to accurately complete the work of installing memory sticks, installing hard disks, assembling optical drives, locking screws, and transferring products.

The reporter roughly counted the number of robotic arms in the workshop, as many as 10 or more than 30.

  "The production of a laptop computer has to go through more than 10 processes. We use robotic arms and intelligent control equipment to complete more than 70% of the processes. While greatly improving work efficiency, it greatly guarantees the quality of production." An Shao, general manager of Hunan Great Wall Ping said that since the implementation of the smart manufacturing strategy, factory production efficiency has increased by 25%, operating costs have been reduced by 20%, and product development cycles have been shortened by 30%.

  Qin Le, production director of Hunan Great Wall, told reporters that the robots on the intelligent production line are self-developed and manufactured by Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China started to explore robots instead of humans eight years ago, but there are very few robot products on the market that can meet the company's high-precision production requirements, and the prices are too high.

Under this circumstance, Great Wall of China has conducted a lot of basic research on the production characteristics of computer products, and determined a new robot technology route that can achieve high precision and control costs at a low level.

  It is reported that the self-developed production line of Hunan Great Wall is the first intelligent manufacturing production line using robots in the domestic 3C electronic assembly field. The entire production process is intelligent and traceable.

  At present, the upsurge of smart manufacturing upgrades in the manufacturing industry is surging.

The large-scale intelligent production workshop of box girder steel structure for port machinery built by Zhenhua Heavy Industry in Changxing base was selected as the first batch of 20 intelligent factories in Shanghai.

The workshop adopts management and control solutions such as flexible assembly, automatic welding, automatic logistics transfer, smoke and dust absorption and informatization to realize the intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing of box beams. Compared with the traditional workshop, the staffing of the front-line operation is reduced by 26.7%, and the total project manufacturing cycle is shortened. In about 7 days, the product yield rate reached more than 99%.

  Build a global brand

  Leading Chinese manufacturing companies are accelerating their efforts to become world-class.

At the China Railway Equipment Shield Assembly Workshop in Zhengzhou, two "steel dragons" with a length of hundreds of meters and a weight of hundreds of tons are ready to go.

The shield machine is a high-end equipment integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, sensing, information, mechanics, and oriented research technologies, and is known as the "king of construction machinery".

China Railway Equipment has accumulated more than 1,100 shield machines from the factory, and has a safe tunneling mileage of more than 2,600 kilometers. The market share has been the largest in China for 9 consecutive years, and the production and sales volume has been ranked first in the world for 4 consecutive years.

  "Innovation is the foundation of an enterprise!" Wang Dujuan said that China Railway Equipment has developed a number of world-first or domestic first products, especially in the design and manufacturing technology of super large-section rectangular shields and horseshoe-shaped shields.

At the same time, advanced research has been carried out, and technology accumulation of the third and fourth generation roadheaders has been completed.

  Data shows that China Railway Equipment has invested more than 1.5 billion yuan in research and development, and annual research and development expenses account for more than 6% of its main business income.

Undertook a number of major scientific research projects such as the national "863 Program" and "973 Program", and presided over or participated in the compilation of 26 national and industry standards.

  China Railway Equipment is transforming from a parallel run to a leader, and is accelerating to the high end of the global industrial value chain.

"Our overseas business is developing very fast, and the brand recognition in the international market is very high." said Zhang Zhiguo, deputy general manager of China Railway Equipment.

  "The two machines for the Paris project were successfully boring, and the performance of the Chinese shields far exceeded expectations." Qian Fu, the head of the shield for the Paris Metro Line 16 project of China Railway Equipment, said excitedly. In April this year, two large-diameter soils independently developed by China Railway Equipment The pressure-balanced shield machine started smoothly in Paris. The high-quality products and professional services of Chinese companies have won praise from French owners. This move also marks the entry of Chinese shield machines into the global high-end market.

  Not only shield machines, domestic computers also have impressive performance.

The reporter discovered at the Great Wall of Hunan that the Great Wall of China series of computer terminals have "China Core", which realizes complete independence of computer information technology from chips, middleware, complete machines, controls, network-equipped operating systems, databases, security products, and application systems.

  "To build a digital China, we must take the core technology in our own hands and create a computer'Chinese technology architecture'!" said Liu Yiming, head of R&D at Great Wall of China. Through more than 10 years of R&D investment, the parent company, China Electronics, has innovated to build independent security of computer software and hardware. PK" system (domestic CPU+domestic operating system), related innovation achievements have won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award for 3 consecutive years, providing strong support for China Great Wall's independent security series of terminal products.

  Data show that in the first quarter of this year, Hunan Great Wall's export value increased 13 times year-on-year, and tablet computers and notebook computers grew strongly.

The export market is also expanding. Hunan Great Wall's export value to Europe and other markets is increasing, and at the same time, it has also opened up regional markets such as Central America.

  "Last year, 50,000 independent-brand computers were exported to Kazakhstan, and this year they have added additional orders. The two sides will also carry out in-depth cooperation in more areas." An Shaoping said that the next step, Great Wall of China will give full play to its own technological advantages and intelligent manufacturing advantages. Let China's computer brands and technology go to the world.