(The first Consumer Expo) The first Consumer Expo: "healthy consumption" is sought after

  Chinanews.com Haikou, May 8th. The first China International Consumer Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Expo) is being held in Haikou.

Among them, "healthy consumption" became a highlight of the exhibition.

  For example, donkey-hide gelatin has become an attractive exhibit.

In the residence life/service consumption exhibition area, Dong E Jiao will be positioned as the "Nourishing National Treasure" Dong E Jiao, the main "Nourishing Blood and Sleeping" Compound Ejiao Pu, and "Nourishing Snacks" Taohuaji Ejiao Cake and other products will be brought to the booth.

  The relevant person in charge of Donge Ejiao said that the most authentic and innovative products can be directly recommended to consumers through the Consumer Expo, to showcase the technological vitality of Chinese time-honored brands, and to convey the traditional Chinese concept of healthy life to more people. A vast place.

  At the exhibition site, visitors can also see a variety of new products to be launched under Donge Ejiao. From the taste of the product, the edible scene to the target consumer group, they all reflect the tendency of more convenience, ready-to-eat, and youthfulness.

  It is understood that in addition to the iterative upgrade of the product itself, Donge Ejiao also focuses on providing customers with personalized products and services, and has built a new social retail platform to achieve precise operations and product sales transformation.

At the same time, we innovated the personalized customization project of "factory direct to customers" to enhance customer experience.

  According to the data, Donge Ejiao is affiliated to the central enterprise China Resources Group. It is the country's largest Ejiao and serial products manufacturer. It has the only national rubber Chinese medicine engineering technology research center in the industry and is the national rubber Chinese medicine standard setter.