(The First Consumer Fair) "Post-95" Uyghur Couples: Make National Costumes into "National Tide" Brand

  China News Service, Haikou, May 8 (Shan Lu) At the first China International Consumer Goods Fair held here, a young Uyghur couple was busy receiving the audience in front of the Xinjiang Pavilion booth and introducing them to their own clothing brand.

Although the exhibition has just started, they have already gained a lot.

  "We have sold 50 or 60 pieces since we started in the morning." Aliye Abdurexiti said that the couple currently have their own stores and usually sell clothes by taking orders. "Pregnant women." We can make all those clothes and deliver them to them within three days."

  Aliye Abdurexiti and her husband Baihetiyar Yusup are both "post-95s". As early as in college, they sprouted clothes that allow young people to wear traditional costumes with ethnic elements. idea.

  Aliye Abdurixiti believes that with the development of modern society, traditional national costumes are not easy to wear, so she hopes to pass on the national characteristics to more young people in novel ways.

  Traditional Atelier clothing is made of silk. In order to meet the young people's pursuit of durability and comfort, their products use high-quality Xinjiang cotton.

  "It is very difficult for us to find Xinjiang cotton by ourselves, because we don't have enough of it ourselves, and we need to send orders to buy it." Baihetiar Yusup said.

  In response to the previous accusations against Xinjiang cotton, Aliye Abdurexiti believes that this is because the outside world knows very little about Xinjiang cotton.

However, this incident did not affect the store's business. On the contrary, it made more people understand Xinjiang cotton, and they value Xinjiang cotton more. The sales of clothes in my store are still selling hot.

  "Today too, from morning to afternoon, our clothes inventory has been sold out." Aliye Abdurexiti said.

  Although the road to entrepreneurship is hard, it is full of achievements. The husband and wife said that their entrepreneurship is not only to realize their ideals, but also to increase the income of the local people. Currently, the monthly income of recruited workers is at least RMB 4,000.

For the future, they are also full of confidence.

  "The next step is to let more people know our brand, let more young people wear our national brand, and want it to become a national fashion brand." Aliye Abdulxiti Say.